Big Updates for ‘Canabalt,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed Pirates,’ and ‘Wayward Souls’

A number of excellent games have received content updates over the past few days, so we thought we’d highlight the most notable ones all in a single place. Check out what’s new in Canabalt, Assassin’s Creed Pirates, and Wayward Souls below.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

This game of naval combat, which we quite enjoyed quite a bit in our review, has just received what Ubisoft is billing as the “Freedom Update.” It adds a new area called La Isla de la Juventud (which translates to “Island of Youth,” in case you were wondering), where you can do the right thing and free a bunch of slaves. The update also brings new ship customizations, a daily reward system that compels players to open the app each day, and some tweaks to the battle system that promise to make the ship-on-ship action more exciting. Download the update or buy the game if that sounds like a rousing good time.


In its first update since 2011, Canabalt has gained a handful of new features. The game now operates in widescreen, filling out the display on your 4-inch devices from end to end. They’ve also thrown in a handful of tiny new runners, a new music track, and a slightly tweaked app icon. It might be hard for you youngsters to believe, but when it originally appeared in 2009, Canabalt was one of the only endless runners on the App Store. How things have changed.

Wayward Souls

The bullet-point list of updated features for Wayward Souls is longer than War and Peace, but here are the highlights. The biggest addition is a new 20-floor dungeon called The Labyrinth, which sports a whole new boss of its own, and concludes the story for the six characters in the game. Smaller updates include tweaked controls for iPad, health potions that are “no longer awful,” and guaranteed rare chests after defeating bosses. Plus there’s a new “Super Secret Area,” full of “enigmatic horrors.” There’s a bunch more stuff, so check out the full list here.

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