Big Game Night: Zenonia 3, Gears, and More

Wednesday night is the biggest night in iOS gaming. Why Wednesday? Savvy developers have figured out that Apple updates their iTunes lists (What’s Hot, What We’re Playing, and New and Noteworthy) on Thursday, so it’s their best shot at official promotion. For gamers, that means an embarrassment of App Store riches. Here are a few of the major games we’ll be downloading at 8pm PST/ 11pm EST this Wednesday night.

Zenonia 3

The third game in the blockbuster action-RPG series, Zenonia 3 follows the son of the character from the first game, Regret, as he takes sides in a war between good and evil. Like in the first two games, you can expect to mash the attack button as you level up, grind for loot, and explore a vast fantasy landscape.

Price: $4.99 US

Kiwi link

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Gears is a new type of game from Crescent Moon, the developer of open-world RPGs Ravensword and Aralon. You have to roll a ball to the exit through fantastic steampunk levels filled with obstacles and narrow pathways. Not only do you have to survive, but you have to reach the end of each level within a time limit.

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Price: $.99 US

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Who’s That Flying?

Who’s That Flying, or WTF?, is a PSP Minis port from Capcom. Using a super-deformed art-style, this side-scrolling shooter tells the story of a Galactic Council made up of superheroes named after planets. You play as Earth, who is on trial for an unknown reason at the start of the game. As you battle flying monsters, you’ll be able to unleash more and more powerful special attacks, and in a tower defense-style twist, you can’t let too many enemies pass by you in a level.

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Price: $1.99

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Celebrity Bodyguard

Celebrity Bodyguard, from the makers of Volcano Escape, has you protecting one of three celebrity caricatures based on Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Robert Pattinson. As you stroll down the red carpet, you’ll be attacked by snipers, ninjas, rednecks, protesters, and paparazzi. You’ve got to fight back while keeping your client calm, and if they get too stressed, it’s game over and time to upload your high scores online.

Kiwi link

Price: $.99 US

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Burn it All – Journey to the Sun

Bulkypix’s latest puzzler Burn It All (not to be confused with the similarly-themed Burn The Rope) is hot, hot, hot. It’s from Pasta Games, the makers of Pix’n Love Rush, so that alone is exciting. You play as a trio of flames who are trying to work their way upwards to the biggest ball of flame in the sky: the Sun. You have to drag the flames to ropes to burn them all before a time limit runs out. When ropes start to cross over each other, and certain ropes can only be burned by certain flames, hitting that time limit can get pretty tricky.

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Price: $.99 US

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Streets of Rage 3

Someone at Sega had a genius idea nearly two years ago: Develop one emulator for their old Genesis games, and drip out iPhone ports of beloved classics every few weeks. Then, watch the profits roll in. The results have been highly varied, and since the locked controls are a constant thorn in our side, we haven’t been able to call any of these Genesis ports a Must Have. Still, we love the Streets of Rage series, so this one might be a good download if you have to complete your iOS collection.

Kiwi link

Price: $2.99 US

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