Big Game Night: XCOM, Spiral, and More

Around these parts, we call Wednesday “Big Game Night.” Tonight’s the night when big developers usually release their games on the App Store in hopes that Apple will grant them a coveted feature slot tomorrow. Below, we’ve selected our picks for the biggest games hitting the market tonight at 11 p.m. EST.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is perhaps the most highly anticipated iOS game so far this year. Why? Because it’s a port of the insanely deep strategy game that hit PCs and consoles last year. It comes at a premium price for an iOS game, but it’s still cheaper than you’ll find it elsewhere. Strategy fans will definitely want to check this one out if they haven’t already played it.

Price: $19.99
App Store Link

Cover Orange 2


A sequel to the one and only physics puzzler about protecting oranges from acid rain, Cover Orange 2 promises more of the same– which isn’t a bad thing. The graphics have been significantly improved since the original, and they’ve added 120 new levels, with a number of new gameplay elements like trampolines and spike balls.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link

Gloomy Hollow

Chillingo’s latest release is a Diablo-esque hack-’n-slash that has you fighting your way through the underworld to save the titular town. With three heroes to choose from, loads of enemies to dispatch, and two difficulty modes, Gloomy Hollow looks like a bucket of fun.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link

Rivals for Catan

Settlers of Catan is a great board game, but its depth and density make it tough for a newbie to hop right in. Rivals for Catan is a slightly more streamlined take on the same idea– gather resources and expand your dominion– presented in the form of a card game.

Price: $3.99
App Store Link

Spiral: Episode 1

Spiral is a new action-adventure game built on the powerful Unreal Engine. You play as Tempus, an investigator looking into a quickly spreading disease. Your detective work leads you onto the trail of some bad people, and the plot quickly thickens. Check out our hands-on preview for a closer look.

Price: $4.99
App Store Link

Where’s My Mickey?

The Where’s My Water series has been a big success for Disney, and they’re looking to keep the money rolling in. Where’s My Mickey is loosely based on new cartoon shorts starring Mickey Mouse on the Disney Channel, but it plays much like Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry. Nothing wrong with that.

Price: $0.99 for iPhone, $1.99 for iPad
Not yet available on NZ App Store

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