Big Game Night: Wild Blood, Drakerider, and More

It’s Wednesday, which means tonight all the major developers will load up the App Store with their latest games. That’s because tomorrow Apple will make their featured picks, which are seen by a lot of potential customers. We took a sneak peek at the New Zealand App Store to find the biggest games that are launching tonight at 8pm PST, so come back later and click on the kiwi links below to download them.

Wild Blood

Wild Blood is the Arthurian-inspired hack-and-slash game from Gameloft that uses the Unreal engine. We don’t remember the story of Sir Lancelot and King Arthur involving hellgates and dragons, but Gameloft is inventing their own British history for this game. Wild Blood is a lengthy game, and it features online multiplayer in addition to its single-player campaign.

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Kiwi link

Price: $6.99 USD


Square Enix has been on a roll lately! After releasing the Nintendo DS port The World Ends With You and Japanese mobile game port Final Fantasy Dimensions, the prolific RPG-maker is about to release a dragon-taming game tonight called Drakerider. The game will be free to download with one chapter included, but to play through all five chapters, you’ll need to purchase them for $20.99, or $6.99 apiece.

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Kiwi link

Price: Free

Avengers Initiative

Avengers Initiative is the game that Marvel has been teasing for weeks through a series of Marvel XP animated videos. It’s remarkably similar to Infinity Blade, but we think the one-on-one combat is well-suited for the Hulk. If you don’t mind playing what is essentially a re-skin, Avengers Initiative is extremely polished, with a lot of potential down the line to introduce new superheroes. Check back tonight for our full review.

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Kiwi link

Price: $6.99 USD

Scorching Skies

This is the first we’ve heard of developer Overpower Studios, who have previously only released a series of Spanish-language fashion magazines on the App Store. But their new game tonight, Scorching Skies, looks like it could be a direct competitor to Namco’s Sky Gamblers. Once we saw the trailer above, we couldn’t wait to try out this futuristic flight combat game.

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Kiwi link

Price: $5.99 USD

Infinite Warrior

Remember that lengthy, slow-motion shot in the movie 300 where the Spartan warriors advance through an endless stream of foes, slicing them down along the way? Infinite Warrior is like that, with you swiping in different directions according to onscreen cues in order to hack your way through an infinite army. The Unity graphics are pretty sharp, but the gameplay did remind us a bit of a gorier version of Guitar Hero.

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Kiwi link

Price: $2.99 USD

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