Big Game Night: Verticus, Gear Jack, and More

Tonight’s big new games include an endless falling game from Spiderman and X-Men co-creator Stan Lee, plus a few other surprises. The year’s biggest games, like Modern Combat 4 and Baldur’s Gate, aren’t due out for a few more weeks, but some of tonight’s launches still look like a lot of fun. Follow the kiwi links to go to the New Zealand App Store, where they’re available now, or wait until 8pm PST, when they’ll direct you to the US App Store.


Verticus is a stylish-looking game where your character falls from the sky, past cities, and through the center of the Earth, where he picks up an exploding energy core and hurls it back into space. Then, you get to repeat the process all over again. Like Temple Run or Agent Dash, you can max out your character’s abilities or unlock power-ups using in-game currency, but we appreciated the top-down perspective, which lets you feel the wind in your hair as you gather speed. Stan Lee even makes a cameo as the commander and narrator of the game.

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Kiwi link

Price: $1.99 US

Gear Jack

Gear Jack is the latest from Forest Moon Games, and we just talked about it with developer and publisher Josh Presseisen on our recent podcast. Gear Jack is an auto-running game, but with stylish acrobatics that go beyond we’re used to in this genre. You control a cute little android as he runs through challenging, obstacle-filled levels, performing flips and slowing down time. Just a warning, though: This game may be too tough for casual players.

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Kiwi link

Price: $.99


Tonight Ravenous Games, the creators of Random Heroes and League of Evil, are coming out with an arcade-style beat ’em up using their traditional retro pixel art. There are plenty of options for brawlers on the App Store, from Genesis ports like Streets of Rage to arcade ports like X-Men, so we’re hoping that Beatdown! has clever level design and fast action, like they’ve demonstrated in their League of Evil series.

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Kiwi link

Price: $.99 US

Coaster Crazy

Although Atari has already announced an iOS version of RollerCoaster Tycoon, you can get started building your own twisted coasters with Coaster Crazy from Frontier Developments (the makers of LostWinds 1 and 2). Coaster Crazy is a free download, which means you might have to pay extra for in-game currency to advance faster, but the game does have Frontier’s outstanding graphics and animation. You can also check out other players’ coasters, and ride them yourself.

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Kiwi link

Price: Free

Total Recoil

We first told you about this game in last week’s Under The Radar, and tonight, you can try it for yourself. Total Recoil is a twin-stick shooter where you have to blast away waves of enemies within a strict time limit. If you do well, you’ll rank up and can unlock new weapons and levels. If you enjoy cutesy war games like Tiny Troopers, Total Recoil is a perfectly decent diversion.

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Kiwi link

Price: $1.99

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