Big Game Night: Walking Dead, Spy vs Spy, and More

Every Wednesday night at 8pm Pacific, the US App Store stocks its virtual shelves with the latest games from big developers. Tonight, Telltale, Square Enix, Gamevil, and Chillingo are all launching new titles, and we’ve got your first look below. These games are live now in New Zealand, but clicking the kiwi links after 8pm PST will bring you to the game in the US App Store.

Walking Dead: The Game

Telltale has crafted some impressively cinematic adventure games in the last few years. They started off with Lucasarts properties like Monkey Island and Sam and Max, before venturing to movie licenses like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. Between the comics and the AMC TV show, their newest license The Walking Dead has developed quite a cult following. This first episode introduces you to Lee Everett, a man who is rescued from a likely prison term by the zombie end-times. We love this game’s cel-shaded graphical style, but we want to confirm that the gameplay marks an improvement over Telltale’s Jurassic Park games. Check back for our full review soon. Note: This game will only run on iPhone 4 and 4S, and iPad 2 and 3.

Price: $4.99 US

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Spy vs Spy

Whether you root for the black spy or the white spy, both sides will get a faceful of explosives in this strategy game based on the MAD magazine comics. Just like in the original Spy vs Spy computer and console game from the 1980s, you have to steal five items from an embassy before making your way to a plane outside. At the same time, you can stumble into traps set by the other spy, or face your enemy in bat-to-bat combat. The graphics are improved and the iOS version adds online multiplayer, but some of the strategy gameplay may feel like a Cold War throwback.

Price: $1.99 US

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Epic Raiders

Where have we seen this one before? Epic Raiders bears a striking resemblance to Battleheart. Both are action-based games with a heavy emphasis on strategy. You can move your figures around each arena to fight enemies, but you’ll have to shift their focus from creature to creature, and micromanage your healer’s attention. While we liked the game’s freemium model and customizable characters, if you’ve already played Battleheart, you know what to expect.

Price: Free

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ORC: Vengeance

Out of Chillingo’s three new games tonight (the others being Worms vs Birds and Flick Champions World Edition), we think ORC looks the most interesting. Using a Diablo-esque isometric viewpoint, ORC tells the story of a Warchief named Rok as he battles his way through a series of dungeons. Chillingo is billing this game as a full-on RPG, and the bar has been set pretty high by games like Dungeon Hunter 2, so we’re hoping ORC lives up to our expectations.

Price: $2.99 US

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Manos: Hands of Fate

iOS developer FreakZone has already released one awesomely absurd, retro-themed game on the App Store, a Mario spoof called Awesome Land. Their latest game is called Manos: the Hands of Fate, and it looks equally crazy. You play as a character named Mike, who is trying to find his family after they go missing. You may recognize Manos from the classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, but this game looks more like a 1980s Nintendo cartridge than something you’d find on late-night TV.

Price: $1.99 US

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Square Enix is republishing this physics-based platformer game after it came out on Java phones in 2008. SolaRola stars Wiz and Waz, two blobs with eyes who need to power up their spaceship to get home. You can roll around each level, but you’ll have to use simple objects like carts to travel over lava. You’ll also have to use explosives to clear a path to the exit. SolaRola is very charming, especially with the updated graphics made just for iOS.

Price: $.99 US

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