Big Game Night: The Last Express, Bad Piggies, MechWarrior, and More

Another eclectic collection of iOS games launch tonight! We’ve got 90s franchises The Last Express and MechWarrior making their App Store debuts, plus new games from Gameloft, Triniti, Rovio, and Adult Swim. All of these games should be available at 8pm PST tonight (except for Bad Piggies, we’re not sure yet when Rovio will throw the switch), and you can follow the New Zealand kiwi links below to download them as soon as they’re live in your local App Store.

The Last Express

In 1997, Jordan Mechner followed up his groundbreaking Prince of Persia series with a historical adventure game set on the famous Orient Express. The artwork was created using rotoscoping, where real actors were filmed performing a scene, and then stylish artwork was added on top of them. We never had a chance to play this game on CD-Rom, but as of tonight, it’ll be available to download on the App Store alongside other classic 1990s PC adventure games like Myst and The 7th Guest.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $4.99

Bad Piggies

If you’ve had your fill of fowl, maybe it’s time for you to switch to the other white meat. Angry Piggies is another physics-based game by Rovio, but this time there’s no slingshot in sight. Instead, the pigs need to build myriad flying and rolling contraptions to grab and re-assemble the egg-capturing plans they’d drawn up before a dull-witted intern accidentally shredded them in a fan. Get ready for a lot of bone-shattering wrecks– good thing the piggies don’t have any bones. Or limbs.

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Kiwi link not available.

Price: TBD

MechWarrior: Tactical Command

We had a chance to go hands-on with the latest MechWarrior game at E3, and if you’ve been reading the books, you’ll appreciate the amount of detail that went into Tactical Command’s story. The gameplay is real-time strategy, but you won’t have to worry about building bases or collecting resources. Instead, you’ll have to tactically manage a lance of four mechs as you wipe out battle tanks and mech-battling human soldiers called Elementals. MechWarrior is an iPad-only game, and it comes with a high download price, so check back tonight for our full review.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $9.99 US

Super Monsters Ate My Condo

We loved the original Monsters Ate My Condo, and we’re apparently not the only ones. Tonight Adult Swim Games is releasing a blitz-style follow-up where you have two minutes to eat as many condos as possible. This version has new bonus condos, 90 goals, and a Monster Wheel you can spin for prizes. We’ll find out soon whether this should have been an update to the original game, or if it stands out on its own.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $.99 US

WarCorps: Genesis

Triniti Interactive, who made the hit iOS game Call of Mini: Zombies, are releasing a new shooter tonight called WarCorps: Genesis. WarCorps is a third-person shooter with stylized, Team Fortress 2-esque characters and lots of intense gunfights. WarCorps also comes with 60 levels, and we’ll let you know soon they’re varied enough to keep the combat interesting.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $.99 US

NFL Pro 2013

In 2010 and 2011, Gameloft released their own NFL iOS games to go head-to-head with EA’s Madden series. NFL Pro 2012 isn’t available anymore on iOS, but tonight Gameloft is coming out with NFL Pro 2013. This is a free-to-play game with the full NFL roster, but you’ll have the option to pay to hurry along bonus items, unlocking new plays, and player stat upgrades.

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Kiwi Link

Price: Free

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