Big Game Night: Temple Run Brave, Mutant Storm, and More

It’s Wednesday night, and that means it’s time to get ready for the week’s biggest new iOS releases. The headliner today is Temple Run Brave, a Pixar-branded version of the popular auto-running high-score game, but a few other notable games caught our eye. Read on for your first details and New Zealand App Store links for these games, which will be live in the US after 8pm PST.

Temple Run Brave

Instead of trying to create a brand-new Brave game for iOS, Disney and Pixar chose to reskin one of the most popular existing iOS games, Temple Run. Temple Run Brave takes the exact same mechanics of Temple Run and adds the red-haired heroine from Brave, along with a minor new archery mechanic. It’s also a $1 download instead of free. Temple Run Brave seems like the digital download version of a branded lunchbox– it’s just as good as a regular lunchbox, but with a picture of your favorite character on it.

Price: $0.99 US

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Suspect in Sight

Take to the skies in this aggressive, bad-guy demolition derby. You have to shine a spotlight on criminals as you patrol the city from your police helicopter. If you keep the light on them long enough, cop cars will smash into the suspects and arrest them. The goal is to go as long as possible before you run out of time. The graphics in Suspect in Sight are outstanding, with fun flying controls, but the single gameplay mode might get a bit less exciting the more you play it.

Price: $0.99 US

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Eager Beaver

Another new game from Chillingo, Eager Beavers features beavers trying to build a dam. You have to stack up rocks and other junk to keep the water from overflowing into their neighborhood, but some of the factors complicating your task include explosives and hungry fish. Eager Beaver looks like it has some charm and style, but we’ll find out soon if it’s challenging, too.

Price: $0.99 US

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Pocket Planes

NimbleBit changed the App Store’s freemium equation with their deep, addictive simulations Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower. Their next game, Pocket Planes, lets you manage tiny airports and airplanes with the characters from Tiny Tower. Flying between destinations seems like a clever use of the waiting mechanic from their previous games, so we’re hopeful this will be another successful sim.

Price: Free

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Mutant Storm

When we bought our Xbox 360 back in 2005, one of the first downloadable arcade games we purchased was Mutant Storm Reloaded. This twin-stick iPad shooter, published on iOS by Crescent Moon, has excellent graphics and lots of brightly-colored levels. It’s nice to see that iOS gaming has caught up to the current generation of console games, and hopefully we’ll see more of these Xbox Live Arcade ports in the future.

Price: $2.99 US

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