Big Game Night: Superman, Minecraft, and More

    It’s turning out to be one of those weeks. Jurassic Park episode 1 just launched, we’re looking forward to Homerun Battle 2 soon, and tonight we’ll be playing new games from Chillingo, Gameloft, and a few other notable developers. Click ahead for your New Zealand App Store links, and come back at 8pm Pacific tonight to download these games from the US App Store.


    The Man of Steel makes his iOS debut tonight courtesy of Chillingo and DC Comics. Superman looks very similar to Chillingo’s earlier superhero game, The Hero, so we’re not sure yet if this game is just a reskin with the official Superman characters and art. We do know that you’ll be able to use Superman’s flying powers, heat vision, super-breath, and other abilities, making him the most well-equipped hero in the App Store.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Minecraft – Pocket Edition

    For years, Minecraft has been an indie gaming sensation on PC. This open-world sandbox game lets you build structures out of cubes of stone, allowing you to create enormous castles or statues in your own honor. At night, though, evil creatures come out to attack you, so you have to stay inside your shelter. Minecraft – Pocket Edition finally hits the App Store after a brief period of Android exclusivity, so pick this one up if you want to spend time in a world full of building blocks.

    Price: $7.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Bullet Time HD

    We previewed Bullet Time a few weeks ago, and found it to be a quality twin-stick shooter with some generous RPG elements. Think of the gameplay as a combination of Gun Bros and Dungeon Hunter, with gorgeous graphics to boot. Like we suspected, Bullet Time will be a free download, so it’s definitely worth trying, especially with four-player online co-op.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi link

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    The creator of Bit Pilot is probably more “indie” than some of the others on this list, but we still consider the Tetris/Scrabble mash-up SpellTower to be a big game. In SpellTower, you have to make words from a jumble of letters at the bottom of the screen. As you play, a timer will fill up and add a new row when it reaches the top. Clever word games like this one seem to be endlessly replayable, so we’re eager to give it a try tonight.

    Price: $1.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    The Oregon Trail: American Settler

    In this freemium Gameloft game, you take control of an American settlement after the events of the original Oregon Trail game. Assuming your entire family survived, you can set about hunting, fishing, planting crops, and building a town. It’s a freemium game, but this one seems to be more about building a home than surviving the trail, so you don’t have to worry about forking over an extra buck to save little Jedediah from dysentery.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi link

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