Big Game Night: Super Crate Box, Street Wrestler, and More

    Since most of the major game makers already launched their big titles before Christmas, there’s a bit of a lull on the App Store this week. Chillingo, Vlambeer, and Noodlecake are all taking advantage of this fact by launching some interesting new games. These will all be available tonight at 8pm Pacific, just follow the NZ App Store (Kiwi) links!

    Super Crate Box

    Dutch developers Vlambeer can’t catch a break. Due to Apple’s lax policing of unauthorized game clones, Vlambeer’s Radical Fishing was ripped off last year as Ninja Fishing. Then, Muffin Knight launched, and it’s pretty darn close to Super Crate Box. Super Crate Box is a fast-moving, high-score shooter where you have to collect crates before you’re overwhelmed by monsters, and every crate gives you a random weapon. Pick it up tonight if you want to play the PC original on iOS instead of an imitator.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Street Wrestler

    Indie developers Candy Box are releasing their first iOS game tonight under the watchful eye of EA’s Chillingo label. Street Wrestler is a cel-shaded beat ‘em up where you can pummel masked luchadores. This looks like a solid brawler, but we’ll give you our complete hands-on impressions when we can.

    Price: $2.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Lunar Racer

    Noodlecake wouldn’t normally make the “big games” list, but this is a slow week, so we’ll take what we can get. Lunar Racer is a casual racing game that uses tilt to let you keep your wheels on the ground. Since you’re racing around a space station with low gravity, that’s especially important. Collecting coins to unlock new tracks and equipment can be quite addictive, making this an attractive choice for App Store buyers.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Streetbike: Full Blast

    Chillingo’s second new game tonight is a motorcycle racer with 3D graphics. The App Store description is pretty generic and we haven’t had a chance to take it for a test drive ourselves, so we can’t recommend this one yet. But if you’re looking to take a chance on a one-dollar racing game tonight, between this and Lunar Racer, you’ve got some decent options.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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