Big Game Night: SoulCalibur, Jazz, and More

Large parts of the internet may be shutting down today in protest of SOPA and PIPA, but the App Store keeps on humming. Here are the games you should check out tonight after 8pm Pacific, when they launch in the US App Store. Just follow our early New Zealand links and be the first of your friends to play these brand-new iOS games.


SoulCalibur is considered one of the best fighting games ever made, and tonight it’s launching on the App Store. Besides the 3d graphics and smooth animation, what really sets SoulCalibur apart is the characters’ use of weapons. Instead of just kicking and punching, you’ll also slice and smash with swords and staffs. You’ll need a top-of-the-line device to run this game, though, and online multiplayer isn’t included as part of the high price.

Price: $11.99 US

Kiwi link

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Jazz: Trump’s Journey

We’ve been looking forward to Bulkypix’s New Orleans opus for nearly a year now, and it’s finally hitting the App Store tonight. Jazz is part platformer and part music game, and it’s based on the life of trumpeter Louis Armstrong. You play as Trump, a musician who is trying to win the love of his life. Old-timey music and visuals really help set the scene, making this game the App Store equivalent of a period piece.

Price: $2.99 US

Kiwi link

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Ash II: Shadows (Silver Edition)

In late 2010, we reviewed Ash, a game that was clearly designed as an homage to Final Fantasy and other classic RPGs. We loved the retro graphics, engaging story, and witty dialogue in the first game, so we’re hoping the sequel follows suit. This sequel is also being published by Konami, which tells us that they see a lot of potential in this series as well.

Price: $2.99 US

Kiwi link

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Smash Cops

We told you about Smash Cops last week, when it came out in New Zealand, but a technical snag kept it from coming to the US on time. Now that’s been worked out, so Smash Cops should launch tonight at 8pm. This high-speed car chase game is all about smashing into criminals to make them stop, along with any civilian traffic that gets in your way. Simple one-button controls make it easy to become a loose cannon who plays by his own rules.

Price: $2.99 US

Kiwi link

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Unstoppable Gorg

Futuremark, makers of the physics puzzler Hungribles, are launching their first tower defense game tonight. Unstoppable Gorg is a 50s sci-fi themed game for iPad where you have to blast UFOs as they try to invade your planet. You can spin your defensive satellites around the planet’s orbit to get the best possible position. Unstoppable Gorg is also available on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, but we prefer taking our tower defense games on the go.

Price: $4.99 US

Kiwi link

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