Big Game Night: Sonic Jump, Sir Death, and More

    One night a week, all the really big games come out to play. We’ve already seen a few significant launches this week, like Build-A-Lot 3 and Carmageddon, but there’s still more to come. Follow the links below to visit your local App Store– these games are out now in New Zealand, but will launch in the US at 8pm Pacific.

    Sonic Jump

    Sonic has run all around the App Store, with three Genesis ports, one Sega CD port, two episodes in the Sonic 4 series, and even a kart racer. But for the first time, Sega is releasing an original Sonic game for iOS, and it’s a Doodle Jump-style vertical platformer. Sonic will jump (as opposed to his usual mode of transportation, running) through levels, fight bosses, and collect rings to unlock items in the in-game store. We love just about everything Sonic, but we’ll have to see if jumping is really his strength.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $1.99 USD

    Sir Death

    Sir Death is a grizzled old man with a mustache and sunglasses, but don’t underestimate his skill when it comes to zombie killing. You can move Sir Death to the left or right, and either punch, shoot, or use special weapons to fight off zombies. There are dozens of levels, and each one will rank you from A-F (with S for a perfect run). Sir Death can feel a bit like a button-masher, but unlocking improved weapons and whupping on zombies is cathartic fun, plus it’s a free download.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: Free

    Stupid Zombies 2

    In the first Stupid Zombies, you had to ricochet bullets to hit hard-to-reach zombies, who at least had the courtesy to stand still for you. This sequel offers improved graphics and 300 (!) new levels. We thought the physics-based gameplay and huge amount of content made the first game a Must Have, so we’re eagerly looking forward to more pool hall-style zombie trick shots.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $.99 USD

    Hidden Runaway

    Ten years ago, Brian and Gina met under unusual circumstances in the game Runaway: A Road Adventure. Now, Pendulo Studios in Spain is returning to the happy couple with Hidden Runaway, a hidden object adventure game that has Brian and Gina recounting how they first met. Pendulo also made the Must Have adventure game Yesterday, which we said in our review was filled with dark humor and a sinister story.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $3.99 USD

    Save Them All

    Chillingo’s latest is an apocalyptic auto-runner where you have to save humanity as the doomsday clock counts down to zero. Your hero runs automatically over rooftops, like in Canabalt, while you rescue survivors and try to avoid getting zapped by aliens or squished by meteors. All of these auto-running games feel frantic, but the end-of-the-world vibe really adds to Save Them All’s appeal.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $.99 USD

    Symphonica for iPad

    Symphonica from Square Enix is a free download, but that’ll only take you up to chapter three. The entire game, including bonus episodes, will cost you $14.99. For all that cash, you’ll get a combination of music/rhythm gameplay, anime-style graphics, and a storyline about a conductor training his orchestra. If you own an iPad, enjoy the idea of flicking your finger to mimic a conductor’s baton, and are a Square Enix devotee, give Symphonica a free try.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: Free

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