Big Game Night: Sid Meier’s Pirates, Deadlock, and More

    It’s Wednesday, and that means all the biggest games arrive tonight at 8pm PST and 11pm EST in the US App Store! We’ve peeked into the New Zealand App Store to see what’s going to be new and noteworthy this week.

    Sid Meier’s Pirates!

    This classic 1987 PC game has been remade multiple times, and now it’s finally heading to the iPad. The iPad version is based on the 2004 PC version, which adds quality, Sims-like animated cutscenes to everything from meeting the local governor to recruiting crewmates from the tavern. Though it’s largely a strategy game of trading goods and choosing sides, you’ll also have to perform minigames to bombard cities, duel with other pirates, and dance for the royal court. (Note: Pirates! may available for purchase slightly later than the other games on this list).

    Price: $3.99 US

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    Deadlock: Online

    Last week, Crescent Moon released Pocket RPG, and this week, it’s Deadlock. Deadlock: Online is a free-to-play twin-stick shooter that pits terrorists against counter-terrorists. You’ll be able to battle online with up to eight players, and in-app purchases will let you buy better equipment for a competitive edge. We played this one at GDC earlier this year, and even then, it was fast and fun.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi Link

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    Back to the Future Ep 5 HD

    The Back to the Future episodic games end their first season on iPad tonight with their fifth installment, titled “OUTATIME”. The season finale actually calls in Michael J. Fox to do some voice work– in the previous games, Fox soundalike AJ Locascio has provided the voice of Marty McFly. Don’t forget, you can still download episode one for free until tomorrow.

    Price: $6.99

    Kiwi Link

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    Jet Set Go

    From Chillingo and the creators of Sally’s Spa comes a time-management game of world-class travel accommodations. You’ll have to book tourists and businessmen on flights around the world, complete with luxuries like poolside lounging for big spenders. If you liked running a spa, diner, or cake empire one impatient customer at a time, you’ll probably enjoy this game too.

    Price: $.99

    Kiwi Link

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    Allied Star Police

    Popcap’s newest game from their experimental studio, 4th and Battery, was designed by 9-year old Owain Weinart. Owain reached out to Popcap through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Popcap has made Owain’s videogame dream a reality and released it on the App Store for free. A.S.P. is an explosive casual strategy game, where you send out rows of tanks to blow up the enemy aliens, called Flamions. If you download A.S.P., not only will you feel good for supporting Owain’s dream, but it’s a pretty fun game, too.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi Link

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