Big Game Night: Serious Sam, Destinia, and More

Every Wednesday, iOS developers launch their biggest new games– first in the New Zealand App Store, and then later tonight at 8pm PST/ 11pm EST in the U.S. App Store. We’ve got your first look at tonight’s big games, along with Kiwi buy links and some recommended reading.

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!

When he first appeared on home consoles ten years ago, Serious Sam acted like a Duke Nukem understudy. This iOS game is a far cry from the first-person shooter style that Sam is known for. Instead, it’s a side-scrolling platformer where you have to chase Sam while controlling one of his enemies, the kamikaze. We’re always glad to see another console hero enter the App Store, but is this the game that’s going to make Sam a star again?

Price: $.99 US

Kiwi link

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A new Gamevil RPG is always a reason to celebrate. After all, the South Korean mobile game developer has knocked it out of the park before with action-RPGs like Zenonia 3 and Hybrid 2. Destinia is described as providing 30 hours of gameplay– not bad for a $1 purchase. Pick this one up if you like dramatic storylines, anime character art, and grinding for XP.

Price: $.99 US

Kiwi link

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Farm Frenzy 3

Rise with the sun and get to work in this third installment of Farm Frenzy, a popular and long-running time management series. Your goal is to milk the cows, shear the sheep, and harvest the chickens’ eggs, and then turn those animal byproducts into salable goods. The gameplay doesn’t appear to have changed much for this third Farm Frenzy game, but the graphics have improved slightly.

Price: $2.99 US

Kiwi link

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Cowboy Guns

One of the most aggressive App Store publishers is Chillingo, who release a new iOS game (or three) every week now. This week, they’re launching Cowboy Guns, a twin-stick shooter set in the Wild West. The visuals feature boxy versions of classic cowboy figures, lending this game a style similar to Minigore. If sports are more your thing, check out Chillingo’s other new game tonight, Flick Champions.

Price: $.99 US

Kiwi link

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Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Namco’s new game tonight is a 3D flight sim set during World War 1. Even more impressive is the fact that you can fight in biplanes against up to seven opponents online using Game Center. We’re providing a link to the lite version, because the full version still hasn’t hit the NZ App Store yet. UPDATE: This game has been pushed back to next week, September 22.

Price: $4.99

Kiwi link

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