Big Game Night: Ragdoll Blaster 3, Raid Leader, and More

Wednesday night is when all the best new iOS games hit the App Store. Tonight we’ve got sequels and original games from world-class developers like Backflip Studios, Crescent Moon Games, and Cave. Click ahead for your New Zealand store links, which will take you to the US App Store after 8pm PST tonight.

Ragdoll Blaster 3

We’re big fans of the Ragdoll Blaster series, and Ragdoll Blaster 3 looks like it’s the sunniest one yet. Instead of the cold, mechanical aesthetics of the second game, this third game introduces adorable sidekick ragdolls and colorful cartoon visuals. Backflip Studios is clearly taking a lesson from Angry Birds– great gameplay isn’t enough if you don’t have adorable, marketable characters as well.

Price: $.99 US

Kiwi link

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Raid Leader

Every time Crescent Moon publishes a new iOS game, like Siegecraft or Paper Monsters, we know to expect something great. Raid Leader requires you to juggle attacks, buffs, and healing as you take down giant boss monsters and collect loot. If you’re skilled at balancing a party of fantasy warriors, like in Battleheart, this is one to try.

Price: $.99 US

Kiwi link

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DoDonPachi Blissful Death

Cave is a company known for their outrageously tough shooters, and DoDonPachi is one of the best. Blissful Death is a port of the 2002 arcade game DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, where in addition to lasers and missiles, you’ll be able to equip your ship with “elemental dolls”. But like most Cave games, you’ll need the newest iOS hardware (iPhone 4+ and iPad 2) to run it.

Price: $4.99 US

Kiwi link

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Star Wars Pit Droids

If Star Wars: Brisksaber wasn’t enough to get you in the mood to see Episode 1 3D in theaters, there’s another Star Wars tie-in app hitting the App Store tonight. Star Wars Pit Droids is a puzzle game where you have to guide the spindly robots through 75 levels. It also reminds us of another iOS movie game starring the mechanically-minded assistants: Despicable Me’s Minion Mania.

Price: $1.99 US

Kiwi link

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End Night HD

This survival-horror game takes place during a zombie outbreak, and you’re the one who has to find a cure. The top-down perspective and 3D graphics make this game look a lot sharper than most zombie shooters, and the open-world gameplay sounds like fun. We’ll have a review up soon after launch to let you know if End Night is worth buying.

Price: $2.99 US

Kiwi link

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