Big Game Night: Phoenix Wright, Warhammer Quest, and More

    Once again it’s Big Game Night, the night when developers usually release the biggest games on iOS, hoping that Apple will feature them on the App Store. Tonight at 11 p.m. EST, you’ll be able to litigate tough court cases, get strategic in dungeons, and more. Read on for our picks of the biggest games launching tonight.

    Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

    It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for this one, but it’s finally (almost) here. The first three Phoenix Wright games are coming to iOS in one big fancy collection. The app is a free download that lets you play the first two cases of the first game for no charge. Then you’ll be asked to pay $5.99 for the rest of that game, plus $6.99 for each of the next two games. Or you can grab the whole bundle at once for $16.99 for a savings of $2.98. Any way you slice it, that’s a great deal for a trilogy of full-sized, hard-to-find GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS games.

    Price: Free
    App Store Link

    Warhammer Quest

    Warhammer Quest is a strategy game based on the table-top RPG of the same name. You control a troop of heroes exploring dark dungeons in a post apocalyptic world full of orks, goblins, and other vile creatures. Your characters level up as you progress, collecting gold and upgrading your gear. As a bonus, the game is universal and features iCloud game saves.

    Price: $4.99
    App Store Link


    SlamBots is a retro-style arena battler that’s part Slayin and part Doodle Jump. In it, you bounce on enemies, collect coins, and avoid lava pits. The graphics and music are nicely retro, and the gameplay looks like a lot of fun.

    Price: $1.99
    App Store Link

    After Earth

    After Earth is a game based on the futuristic Will Smith movie launching on Friday. In it, you run, dodge, slide, and jump over obstacles and enemies. Then you launch yourself off a cliff and use a wing suit to soar downward, hopefully to safety. The game looks a lot like Temple Run, but it has a story mode as well as an endless mode. Whether it nails that one-more-try gameplay that Temple Run has perfected remains to be seen.

    Price: ?
    This game is expected to come out tonight or tomorrow, but hasn’t appeared on the New Zealand App Store yet.

    World War Z

    Phosphor Games, the maker of Horn, is bringing the apocalypse to iOS gamers with World War Z, a game based on the movie of the same name coming out next week. You play as a regular guy who’s forced to become a gun-toting survivor when a fast-spreading infection starts turning just about everyone into blood-thirsty killers. Featuring equal parts action and environmental puzzle solving, World War Z should satisfy those with a thirst for zombie blood.

    Price: ?
    This game is expected to come out tonight or tomorrow, but hasn’t appeared on the New Zealand App Store yet.

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