Big Game Night: Payback 2, Re-Volt Classic, and More

New movies generally come out on Fridays, new albums and DVDs on Tuesdays, and often, the biggest and best new iOS games launch on Wednesdays. Why’s that? It’s because on Thursday, Apple updates their featured lists. Follow the links below to see the New Zealand versions of these big games, and click the links again after 8pm PST to have them take you to the US App Store.

Payback² HD

If you were gaming on an iPhone three years ago, you probably remember Payback, a brilliant open-world crime game that stood in for Grand Theft Auto (still years away on iOS). Payback² has received a graphical overhaul from the original, and the online mode can support up to four real players along with 12 bots. If you’re a maniacal criminal, or just like playing as one in videogames, this is definitely one to try.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $3.99 US

Re-Volt Classic

The Dreamcast is long gone, but its games live on in the App Store! Like Fur Fighters, another Dreamcast port, Re-Volt is getting a second chance on iOS. In Re-Volt, you control an RC car as it zips around a much bigger world. While it didn’t get great reviews back in 1999, maybe an extra decade and touchscreen optimization will make it worth a purchase later tonight.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $6.99 US

Zaxxon Escape

The original 1982 Zaxxon was one of the first 3D-looking arcade games we can remember. Tonight, Sega is launching an intriguing reboot of the franchise with Zaxxon Escape, a 3D, tilt-based flying game where you have to soar out of the original game’s space fortress. This isn’t a port of the original, but it does seem to be designed especially for mobile devices, so it might be worth a shot if you played a lot of Zaxxon back in the arcades.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $.99 US

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin

Wait, a new game for iOS published by Microsoft? This is the first game for Apple’s hardware from Microsoft since the pet sim Kinectimals, and it’s a weird one. In Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin, you play as a tentacled creature who ends up inside the body of a dolphin-man hybrid. Using touch controls, you have to rip out eyeballs in boss fights as you play through levels set against internal organs. The concept seems completely insane, and we can’t wait to try it.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $.99 US

Dungeon Crasher

Last week, we told you about WarCorps: Genesis, a new game from Triniti. Well, now that’s old news, because Triniti is releasing yet another 3D action game tonight. Dungeon Crasher seems to be more of a hack-and-slash game instead of a run-and-gun, but both games seem to have an upgradeable main character and dozens of mini-missions. If you enjoyed Call of Mini: Zombies or Castle Crashers, Dungeon Crasher could be worth a look.

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Kiwi Link

Price: $.99 US

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