Big Game Night: Metal Slug 1, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and More

Tonight, things are a bit quiet while we’re in the eye of the App Store storm. There aren’t very many big brand-name games hitting the App Store tonight, because we think most developers are waiting to launch next week, just before the App Store freezes its submissions process and best-selling lists for Christmas. We’ve still got a few notable new games from Disney, Square Enix, and DotEmu, so read on for our picks and New Zealand store links.

Metal Slug 1

We were big fans of Metal Slug 3 when it launched this summer, and if you’ve got an iCade joystick, it’s a clear Must Have. Tonight, Neo Geo and DotEmu are taking two steps backwards with the series (chronologically) by releasing Metal Slug 1. This over-the-top arcade shooter series, with its expressive characters and wacky power-ups, is always one we’re happy to replay.

Price: $1.99 USD

Kiwi link

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Originally a Nintendo 3DS game, Theatrhythm combines two genres: Music and RPG. You have to tap on the screen in time to the music in order to win boss battles and level up your characters. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy also brings together characters from different Final Fantasy games, so you can finally see Squall fight alongside Cloud. Theatrhythm is a free download, but you can unlock additional songs as optional in-app purchases.

Price: Free

Kiwi link

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Monsters, Inc. Run

Disney Mobile has teamed up with Get Set Games, the makers of Mega Jump and Mega Run, to produce a Monsters, Inc-themed auto-running platformer. You control Mike, Sully, and other monsters from the movie as you collect coins and try to rescue Boo. But since this is an endless game, we don’t think you’ll actually be able to save her. Instead of 3D graphics that look like the film, Monster, Inc. Run uses a cartoony 2D style that seems quite distinctive, but this is probably gameplay you’ve seen before.

Price: $.99 USD

Kiwi link

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Alpha Zero

It’s not from a well-known brand or developer, but we wanted to give a special mention to Alpha Zero, a touch-based shooter that’s launching tonight. Alpha Zero has high-quality visuals, and an interesting gameplay mechanic: You can drag around your ship to move, and press on the screen with one or two fingers to fire your lasers. Of the lesser-known titles launching tonight, we think this one has the most potential.

Price: $1.99 USD

Kiwi link

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