Big Game Night: Max Payne, Burnout Crash!, and More

Friday is when new movies hit theaters, and Tuesday is the day when new DVDs, console games, and albums arrive in stores. But Wednesday night is reserved for new iOS games, because on Thursday Apple updates their lists on the App Store. Here’s your guide to tonight’s biggest iOS games, which will hit the US App Store at 8pm Pacific tonight.

Max Payne Mobile

Rockstar’s hardboiled hero uses every film noir and detective cliche in the book. He’s a rogue cop looking for the drug-dealing thugs who killed his family. Plus, he looks really cool doing a slow-motion dive with two guns firing in the air. Max Payne is just the first part of a console game trilogy, so hopefully this won’t be the only time we see Max mix it up on iOS devices.

Price: $2.99

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Burnout Crash!

This is the first Burnout game on iOS devices, and even though we’ve played a number of chaotic racing games, Burnout Crash! seems more like a destructive physics game. You control a car while trying to cause the biggest crash possible. Once you launch your car into a crash, you can swipe on the screen to put a bit of “aftertouch” on the vehicle.

Price: $4.99 US

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Crow is a haunting, mystical game where you play as a crow trying to battle evil shadow demons. You’ll start by flying above a cornfield, looking for active areas to fly through to collect glowing orbs. You’ll also engage in claw-to-claw combat with other possessed birds. Crow’s atmosphere and storyline had us feeling a little lost when we previewed it earlier this year, but there’s no doubt that this is one beautiful and original flying game.

Price: $4.99 US

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DevilDark: The Fallen King

In this hack-and-slash action-RPG from the creators of Call of Mini: Zombies, you play as the people’s hero fighting a scourge of evil monsters. Devil Dark has a heavy focus on collecting loot and completing fetch quests, so consider giving this game a try if you’re itching to swing your axe or sword until coins fall out.

Price: $.99 US

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Tetris for iPad

Since Tetris re-launched late last year with numerous in-app purchase options and new gameplay modes, the iPad version has been left out. Tonight, EA is finally launching a new iPad-native version of the timeless puzzle game, but at the jaw-dropping price of $7.99 US. And if you’re really a hopeless Tetris addict, you’ll be able to sign up for the T-Club, where you can pay extra to receive more virtual currency as you play.

Price: $7.99 US

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