Big Game Night: Marvel vs Capcom vs Everybody Else

Upending tradition, last night Marvel vs Capcom 2 launched on the App Store, a day before the big iOS games usually appear. Meanwhile, a handful of smaller games will launch later tonight. So while you’re pitting Captain America against Ken and Ryu, consider downloading some of these new games on the US App Store at 8pm PST as well.


Spellsword is an interesting twist on arcade-style high-score games like Muffin Knight and Super Crate Box. You play as an adventurer who has to survive as long as possible in one of nine arenas. Enemies will pour in, and you’ll have to hack and slash at them while you pick up power-ups. Between the retro visuals and the RPG elements, Spellsword looks to us like a quality game.

Price: $.99 US

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Cannon Cat

Cannon Cat is a simple but charming game with an adorable main character. Your goal is to launch from cannon to cannon with timed taps on the screen, collecting fish as you fly. On each level, you’ll get a bonus if you collect all the fish. It’s a pretty significant challenge, so check this one out if you love timing-based action games like Puffle Launch.

Price: Free

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Escape from Age of Monsters

A few months ago, we covered a developer who went to some unusual lengths to promote his game, Age of Monsters: Rock Paper Scissors. While “RPS” games don’t really stand out to us much, Escape from Age of Monsters is an auto-running game like Canabalt, with more of the great Age of Monsters art style and personality. You’ll punch through walls as you try to escape a hungry monster, but with every wall you miss, you’ll lose another one of your companions.

Price: $.99

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The Dictator: Wadiyan Games

In May, Sacha Baron Cohen will return to theaters with The Dictator, a movie about a fictional dictator who hilariously brutalizes his own people. In Wadiyan Games, you play as The Dictator himself, cheating in his own country’s Olympics. You’ll shoot runners in the footrace, and slip on some brass knuckles before a boxing match. The Dictator: Wadiyan Games is a free download, and an advergame to boot, so we’re skeptical of this game’s long-term potential to entertain.

Price: Free

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Ballistic SE

In this twin-stick shooter inspired by Geometry Wars, you have to zip around a grid, firing nonstop at invading shapes (which all seem to be spheres). When you reach a certain level of destruction, you’ll advance to the next wave. After five waves, you can enhance your ship with homing shots, explosive mines, and other fun perks.

Price: $1.99 US

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