Big Game Night: Katamari Amore, FIFA 12, and More

By now, you should know the drill: The biggest iOS games usually come out on Wednesday night, 8pm Pacific. Tonight, we’ve got a few big-name brands like Katamari and FIFA, along with new games from established publishers like Chillingo, Com2Us, and G5 Entertainment. Click ahead for this week’s New Zealand App Store links and recommended reading.

Katamari Amore

The insanely wacky console series returns to iOS tonight, with a new freemium pricing plan. Like in any Katamari game, you control the pint-sized Cosmic Prince as he rolls up the world with a sticky, physics-defying gravity ball. We had some issues with the game in our hands-on preview at E3, but we’re hoping it’s been improved since then. Plus, we’re more forgiving when the initial download is free.

Price: Free

Kiwi link

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FIFA 12 by EA Sports

Tonight marks another entry into the popular soccer series on iOS, as EA launches FIFA 12. FIFA 12 contains 500 licensed teams, 32 stadiums, and 15,000 players, but beyond updated stats, we’re not sure what will make this new game a Must Have. Also coming to the App Store soon: Konami’s rival game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Price: $6.99

Kiwi link

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Pixel Ranger

Tonight Chillingo is publishing the iOS version of Pixel Ranger, a Flash game that you can play for free on Facebook. In this high-score shooter, you play as an 8-bit version of Woody from Toy Story, blasting alien invaders while avoiding their deadly rays. With the addition of Game Center high scores, this distinctive-looking game could be even better on your iPhone.

Price: $.99

Kiwi link

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Piggy Adventure

Com2Us, the developer of Slice It! and the Inotia series, have a new platforming puzzle game out tonight. In Piggy Adventure, you control a pig, cow, and chicken as they overcome obstacles on their quest to restore color to the world. Each animal has a different ability: The pig can jump high, the cow can move blocks, and the chicken can reach small areas. Check this one out if you remember playing The Lost Vikings back in the day.

Price: $1.99

Kiwi link

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Jane’s Hotel 2: Family Hero

In this time management game, you play as Jane, a hardworking business owner who tries to buy back her family’s chain of luxury hotels. You have to attend to your guests’ every need, checking in new visitors and treating them like royalty. If you’ve already conquered diners, spas, and cake shops, this game will make you feel at home.

Price: $4.99

Kiwi link

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