Big Game Night: Joe Danger, Little Amazon and More

    Now that it’s a new year, developers are slowly readjusting to the regular Wednesday night launch cycle. Wednesday night is a prime time to launch new iOS games, because on Thursday, Apple adjusts their New and Noteworthy and other high-visibility App Store lists. There aren’t a lot of big new games this week, but a series of smaller games from Chillingo, Bulkypix, and others should keep you entertained this week. Click ahead for New Zealand Kiwi links, which will take you to the live game in the US App Store after 8pm PST tonight.

    Joe Danger

    After a successful stuntman career on Xbox Live Arcade, Joe Danger is heading to iOS devices. Joe Danger Touch, as it’s called in-game, is a sharp-looking indie game where you play as a stylish stuntman. Through a series of courses, you have to tap to jump over obstacles, defuse traps, and collect coins and letters that spell out “danger”. The graphics are quite outstanding for a mobile game, and it’s lost none of the charm it had on consoles.

    Price: $2.99 USD

    Kiwi link

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    Little Amazon

    Bulkypix’s new auto-runner puts you in control of a pint-sized warrior princess, Lily, who escapes from a demon named Grûûl. Lily can use magical attacks to take out demons and collect more coins. Like Temple Run: Brave, this is an endless game with upgradeable abilities and a red-haired heroine. We didn’t think Little Amazon stood out too much in a preview build that we played, but it’s free, so you’ll be able to try it for yourself.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi link

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    Death Golf

    Even if you don’t enjoy golf sims like Tiger Woods, Death Golf from Ayopa is worth considering if you like action-packed platformers. In this genre mash-up, you have to chase your ball around a course filled with pits and wild animals. We haven’t yet tried it for ourselves, so we can’t say if this combination of gameplay types is successful or not, but we look forward to giving it a swing.

    Price: $.99

    Kiwi link

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    Wake the Cat

    After launching two games last week, including Swing King, Chillingo’s new game tonight is called Wake the Cat. It’s a cutesy physics puzzler where you have to flick a ball of yarn in order to wake up a sleepy kitty. Wake the Cat has ridiculously adorable graphics, and subject matter that’s perfectly appropriate for all ages. If the App Store audience isn’t tired of flick-based physics games, Chillingo could have another hit on their hands.

    Price: $.99 USD

    Kiwi link

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    Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

    We don’t normally mention new G5 hidden object games in this space, because they come out just about every week, and are fundamentally the same gameplay-wise. But this week, we took an interest in Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden for its Bioshock-style underwater mystery. As usual for G5 games, the initial download is free, with an in-app purchase to unlock the full game.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi link

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    Time Surfer

    Time Surfer is yet another high-score, timing-based game where you have to press on the screen to dive down into the grooves, like in Tiny Wings. However, Time Surfer has a cool arcade-style theme to it, with flashing neon and spacey artwork. It also has a unique gameplay twist– if you screw up, you can rewind time a little bit to get a second chance.

    Price: $.99 USD

    Kiwi link

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