Big Game Night: Jetpack Joyride, Frogger Decades, and More

    Every week, iOS game developers jostle to take one of the slots in iTunes’ New and Noteworthy list, so they release their biggest games on Wednesday night, right before the lists are updated. Some weeks are bigger than others– the week Final Fantasy Tactics launched was epic– and this week seems to land on the smaller side (though there is one big game that we can’t actually reveal to you yet). Read on for your early look at some of the biggest games launching tonight at 8pm Pacific on the US App Store.

    Jetpack Joyride

    After a long wait, the newest game starring Halfbrick’s breakout character Barry Steakfries hits the App Store tonight. In Jetpack Joyride, Barry dons one of the coolest weapon power-ups ever: a jetpack that stays aloft by spraying the area directly beneath with bullets. This game features more weapons, more jetpacks, and more bad guys than Monster Dash, so check it out if you can’t get enough Steakfries.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Frogger Decades

    Over a year ago, developer Revolutionary Concepts sent us the first look at a Frogger-like arcade platformer called Frogman. When that game was eventually released, the frog character was replaced with Banzai Rabbit, possibly because Frogman looked a bit too much like Konami’s Frogger. Whatever their past differences, Konami and Revolutionary Concepts seem to be on the same page with Frogger Decades, a 3D update and re-imagining of the Frogger concept available just in time for Frogger’s 30th anniversary.

    Price: $1.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    DrawRace 2

    At E3 this year, we got a chance to go hands-on with RedLynx and Chillingo’s DrawRace 2, a unique game where you plan out all of your turns and braking before the flag even drops. At the start of each race, you draw your path around the arena, mimicking the speed you want to take at each turn. When the race starts, your car will bump into the sides and other vehicles while you sit back and watch. If you’re more interested in the strategy of racing than the split-second reaction-times, DrawRace 2 is made for you.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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    Pocket RPG iPhone Edition

    There aren’t a ton of big new games coming out tonight– Madden went offside this year by launching on a Tuesday– so we’re using this space to revisit Crescent Moon’s Pocket RPG. This Gauntlet-like action game launches on the iPhone tonight, so if you’ve been eying our iPad version review with envy, now’s your chance to catch up.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi link

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