Big Game Night: Illusia 2, Shark Dash, and More

It’s another one of those big nights on the App Store. In addition to new 99-cent action games from Chillingo and hidden object adventures from G5 and Big Fish Games, we’ve got a new action-RPG from Gamevil, a real-time strategy game from Sega, and a physics puzzler from Gameloft, all launching tonight at 8pm Pacific. Here are our top picks for tonight!

Illusia 2

The first Illusia was an entertaining mix of platforming, action, and role-playing. While the combat was a lot like Zelda, the jumping segments reminded us of Mario (a combination that Swordigo recently pulled off as well). In the sequel, you’ll have more characters, abilities, and environments to play with. Illusia 2 is a free download, so watch out for in-app purchases.

Price: Free

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Shark Dash

Gameloft isn’t known for their physics puzzles, but history shows they’re willing to adopt any genre that’s popular enough on the App Store. In Shark Dash, you have to fling a tiny shark in a bathtub so that he scoops up all of the evil rubber duckies. You’ll bounce around on floaty toys, and receive a bonus if you can pick everything up in one dash. When we played Shark Dash at GDC, we immediately started having fun, so give it a try if you love physics games.

Price: $.99 US

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Total War Battles

The Total War series from PC finally heads to iOS tonight! Sega’s real-time strategy game plays out on a hexagonal board with a feudal Japanese theme. Your warriors are so tough they don’t even know the meaning of the word retreat– they can only march forwards, not backwards. At GDC, we were told Total War Battles will contain 10-20 hours of gameplay, which would make this a great value for RTS buffs.

Price: $7.99 US

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MacGuffin’s Curse

In this one-of-a-kind “werewolf comedy puzzle-adventure”, you play as a magician named MacGuffin who has to turn to crime to pay the bills. He steals a magical amulet which gives him wolf-like powers, but he’ll also have to escape from the locked-down museum. Switching into your wolf form will help you solve puzzles, and each screen contains one devious puzzle after another.

Price: $1.99 US

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Saving Private Sheep 2

The original Saving Private Sheep was a brilliant physics puzzle game, where you had to tap to make objects vanish, leaving the sheep safe and knocking the wolves off a cliff. But Saving Private Sheep 2 appears to have a very different style, with your sheep firing slingshots at foxes. The Angry Birds-style gameplay isn’t what we were expecting, but the additional level creator could still make this another solid game.

Price: $.99 US

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Lock ‘n’ Load

We’ve seen a lot of twin-stick shooters on the App Store, but Lock ‘n’ Load certainly looking amazing from the screenshots. One of the more ridiculous playable characters is a granny in a machine gun wheelchair, and the enemies include zombies and circus clowns. We’re not sure what’s going on in this game, but it looks like fun.

Price: $.99

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Hambo is the latest from Miniclip, a company that has successfully brought their online flash games (like Fragger) to iOS. In it, you play as a warrior pig who is on a mission to destroy every other pig in the game. We’re not sure yet if the iOS version will play exactly like the online game, but based on Miniclip’s history, we’re eager to find out.

Price: $.99 US

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