Big Game Night: He-Man, Punch Quest, Penny Arcade, and More

    Tonight’s a great big night for iOS gaming, with new games from Gameloft, Chillingo, Foursaken, Rocketcat, and even a PC port of the third Penny Arcade adventure game. Follow the kiwi links below to go to the New Zealand App Store, where you can buy these games now. If you’re in the US, you can click the link after 8pm PST and find the games waiting for you there.

    He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe

    The muscle-bound warrior makes his iOS debut in this side-scrolling beat ‘em up from Glitchsoft and Chillingo. In our hands-on preview, we felt that the graphics were outstanding, but the game might be too easy for experienced players. We’ll have to try again now that the game’s about to launch, and see if that was just a quirk of the tutorial levels, or if He-Man is really aimed at younger players.

    Kiwi link

    Price: $0.99

    Punch Quest

    Punch Quest is the new game from Rocketcat, who previously wowed us with games like Hook Champ and Mage Gauntlet. It successfully combines Castlevania-style monsters and platforming with the newly emergent genre of auto-runners like Joyride Jetpack. Every jump or dash you make is accompanied by a punch, which will send skulls or bats flying around, crashing into other monsters, and increasing your combo. Don’t miss this extremely unique and addictive high-score brawler, especially since it’s a free download.

    Kiwi link

    Price: Free

    Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slicked Precipice of Darkness 3

    Tonight, Tycho and Gabe arrive on the App Store in part three of their old-school RPG adventure series. Penny Arcade 3 uses Final Fantasy-style sprites and backgrounds, unlike the first two games’ 3D graphics, and it’s brimming with the comic’s sardonic humor. If you enjoy retro RPGs like Cthulhu Saves The World (also by the same developer, TinkerHouse Games), the low price is a steal for this full-length game.

    Kiwi link

    Price: $3.99


    Halloween is almost here, and that means zombies are invading the App Store. Gameloft wants in on the action, so they’re releasing a freemium dual-stick shooter that provides firepower and zombie meat in equal measure. With movie sets for backdrops, you fight your way through loads of levels, collecting achievements and coins to unlock new levels and power up your artillery. We’ve been playing this one for a while with no need to spend money on anything. Download this one tonight if you want a polished shooter that just happens to be free.

    Kiwi link

    Price: Free

    N.Y.Zombies 2

    The other zombie game hitting the App Store tonight is N.Y.Zombies 2, much more serious take on the horror genre than Zombiewood. Here you play as one of the few remaining humans in a Big Apple that’s infested with the walking dead. You take on the undead masses from a first-person perspective, either alone or with up to two other co-op players over Game Center. As expected, you have tons of weapons at your disposal, and you can put them to good use as you fight through the Story or Endless modes.

    Kiwi link

    Price: $1.99

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