Big Game Night: Fishdom 2, Pitfall!, and More

Two big games we were expecting to launch tonight, Trigger Fist and Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast, are currently live on the App Store. So, let’s take a look at the (slightly smaller) unreleased games that will be available at 8pm PST tonight in the US. Just follow the “kiwi links” below to grab these games as soon as they’re live in your local App Store.

Fishdom 2 HD

We couldn’t stop playing the original Fishdom, even after we had passed level 600. This Match-3 sequel lets you build up four different aquariums using your winnings, with special themes like Ranch and Egyptian. However, the levels seem to be capped at 120, instead of going on forever. Fishdom 2 HD is a free download for your iPad, but you’ll have to pay to unlock the full game after a short trial.

Price: Free

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Kiwi link


Pitfall Harry was one of the original platforming adventurers, and tonight Activision is bringing him up-to-date with a Temple Run-style auto-runner. In addition to jumping and sliding, you’ll also be able to use your whip on snakes and scorpions. From the screenshots, we can also tell that Pitfall Harry rides in minecarts and on motorcycles, so maybe this game will stand out from the recent glut of running games.

Price: $.99

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Kiwi link

Super Mole Escape

Adult Swim and their game development partner Grumpyface Studios (makers of Bring Me Sandwiches and Robot Unicorn Attack) can always be counted on for fun, quirky iOS games. Super Mole Escape is a game where your prisoner mole has to dig downward to escape the law. You can tilt your device to navigate around rocks, and pick up gems to bribe the judge for when you’re eventually caught.

Price: $.99

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Kiwi link


We mentioned Chimpact in our round-up last week of Chillingo’s new games. The gameplay is very similar to Parachute Ninja, in that you have to pull back on a series of trampolines to launch your chimp through the treetops. Chimpact has pretty outstanding graphics, but a gameplay style we’re used to, so if this doesn’t seem like your kind of game, check out Chillingo’s kid-friendly, tower-building game Happy Squirrels tonight instead.

Price: $.99

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Kiwi link

Farm Frenzy 3 – Ice Age

The Farm Frenzy series is all about harvesting eggs, wool, milk, and other animal by-products to sell at market. But what happens when the Earth is covered in a thick sheet of ice? Instead of cows and chickens, Farm Frenzy 3 – Ice Age lets you farm wooly mammoths and penguins. But be aware, this game has nothing to do with the Ice Age animated series.

Price: $2.99

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Kiwi link

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