Big Game Night: Fish Out of Water, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, and More

Need a mid-week boost to see you through to the weekend? The App Store has you covered. Every Wednesday night, some of the week’s biggest games launch at 8pm PST, so that they can be featured by Apple on Thursdays. These are just a few of the big new games launching tonight, so click ahead for your pre-release coverage and early iTunes links!

Fish Out of Water


Halfbrick’s latest follow-up to Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride is a simple game of skipping fish across the waves. You pick up one of six differently-shaped sea creatures, fling them, and then tap to jump a little further and collect more points. By itself, this concept may be simple, but Fish Out of Water also adds league scores, a dynamic weather system, and judgmental crabs. The concept is basic enough for anyone to pick up, but there also seem to be rewards for playing continuously and with a lot of skill.

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Price: $.99 US

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel


Om Nom travels through time in this follow-up to one of our favorites series on iOS. On his journeys, he’ll encounter ancestral versions of himself, like Viking or Pirate Om Noms. Two Om Noms mean you have to feed the candy to two hungry monsters at once, and Om Nom’s new time controls will let you freeze candy in mid-air. If you enjoyed the wacky Experiments spin-off, these new puzzles will likely satisfy your appetite.

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Price: $.99 US

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Monkey Boxing


Monkey Boxing is the latest from the studio behind Aralon and Ravensword, but it’s a bit of a departure from their RPG roots. There’s one button to punch and another to block, and additional onscreen prompts will tell you when your monkey can wind up for a special attack. The 3D graphics make this the best-looking monkey boxing game on the App Store, though there’s not a lot of competition, and the multiplayer mode is goofy fun.

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Price: $2.99 US

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Ark of Sinners


Bulkypix’s latest 2D action-platformer is based off the roleplaying tabletop game Anima: Beyond Fantasy. You play as a Celia, a warrior who finds herself in the city of Ark, missing her companion Nemo. Using simple controls, you can hack and slash your way through freakish brutes. The backgrounds are colorful and complex, and the storyline seems interesting, but we’re not sure yet if Celia’s adventure stands out just in terms of pure gameplay.

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Price: $2.99 US

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run


Tonight, Nickelodeon is releasing their first official TMNT game, Rooftop Run. You can play as any of the four turtles in what appears to be a typical auto-running game, with some tap-based combat elements. If you’re like us, and haven’t paid much attention to the turtles since the 1980s, you might be surprised to see some of the modern updates the series has received, like replacing the “cowabunga!” catchphrase with “booyakasha!”

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Price: $1.99 US

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