Big Game Night: Final Fantasy Tactics, Shift 2 Unleashed, and More

Tonight, the big games don’t get any bigger. Console superstars like Final Fantasy and Need for Speed are the headliners, but tonight we’ll also see a new Cut The Rope, a Peggle-inspired physics game from Hothead, and a hack-and-slash action game from Gamevil. Check out the games you’ll be buying tonight in the US App Store at 8pm Pacific, along with screenshots, Kiwi links, and some recommended reading.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The beloved Playstation strategy game finally hits the iPhone tonight, and Square Enix’s legion of chocobo-riding fans couldn’t be happier. Like last year’s release of Final Fantasy 1 and 2, the iOS version of Tactics is based on a recent PSP remake. Final Fantasy Tactics is fondly remembered for its complex turn-based strategy gameplay and dramatic, emotional storyline, so pick it up tonight at launch if you’re not concerned about the premium price.

Price: $15.99 US

Kiwi link

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Shift 2 Unleashed

The Need for Speed series has consistently performed with fine-tuned precision on iOS, but the three different games– Undercover, Shift, and Hot Pursuit– are each a bit different. Shift is probably the most sim-like of the series, with exact racing lines and slipstreaming taking the place of nitro boosts and spectacular crashes. Shift 2 boasts more tracks and licensed cars, but it still doesn’t have the online multiplayer of Real Racing 2.

Price: $2.99 US

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Cut The Rope: Experiments

If you’re like us, you can’t get enough Om Nom. The cute, voracious monster now has 75 new levels to chew on, with a science theme that introduces new gameplay elements while also exploring Om Nom’s backstory. Between this sequel and an upcoming comic book, we think Om Nom’s going to be around for a long time.

Price: $.99 US

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Kickin Momma

Hothead Games, the makers of Kard Combat and Bunny the Zombie Slayer, have a new game hitting the App Store tonight. Kickin Momma is similar to Peggle, in that you launch a ball (in this case, one of your offspring) into a cluster of pachinko pins. Then, they’ll bounce around, earn you a high score, and unlock Momma new outfits. This game comes in a more expensive universal HD version, for Retina-compatible devices.

Price: $4.99 US

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Colosseum Heroes

From Gamevil, the makers of the Zenonia and Hybrid series, Colosseum Heroes is a side-scrolling, hack and slash action game. You’ll guide your hero through waves of battles, upgrading their weapons and customizing their special moves as you survive each onslaught. It doesn’t look as deep as some of Gamevil’s other RPGs, but hopefully it’ll provide a quick action fix with some optional depth.

Price: $.99 US

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