Big Game Night: Dungeon Hunter 4 and More

Why do all the best iOS games always launch on Wednesday night? Maybe it’s because there’s nothing good on TV that night, or maybe it’s a good middle ground between new DVD, music, and console game launches (Tuesdays) and new movie releases (Fridays). The Kiwi links below should take you to the live app in your local store after 8pm PST.

Dungeon Hunter 4


Tonight marks the return of one of the App Store’s most notable series– Gameloft’s Diablo-esque Dungeon Hunter. This sequel keeps the freemium business model of the third game, but adds back the exploration and storyline. While some gamers may balk at expensive armor upgrades and health potions that require in-game currency, this is an incredible looking action-RPG, with cutting-edge visuals and highly enjoyable gameplay. Even if you’re skeptical after Dungeon Hunter 3, give this fourth version a try for free.

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Price: Free

Kiwi link

HEAVY – sword

We may never get to download a licensed port of Super Mario World from the App Store, but HEAVY – sword from Monster Robot Studios may be the next best thing. Instead of a plumber, you play as a swordsman who has to take back his kingdom one level at a time. And instead of mushrooms and fire flowers, you’ll collect power-ups that make your sword gigantic or let you shoot a limited number of arrows. Other than that, most of the Mario tropes are in place: There are pipes for you to jump into, blocks to hit with your head, and coins to collect. Even if it’s not completely original, HEAVY – sword is still fairly fun and easy to play.

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Price: $.99 US

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Lumber Jacked


Everplay’s last iOS game, Spellsword, caught us off guard with its fiendishly difficult arenas swarming with enemies. We’re more prepared now for Lumber Jacked, but we’re going to have to fight through much larger levels. The story is that your lumberjack is in a rivalry with Bustin Beaver, an irksome beaver who keeps stealing your lumber. Lumber Jacked seems to keep Spell Sword’s stylish pixelated artwork, but with a greater sense of forward momentum.

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Price: $.99 US

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Mighty Dungeons

Josh Presseisen’s Forest Moon Games keeps generating new indie apps for us to play with, and their latest is Mighty Dungeons, a combination of old-school, role-playing board games and computer games like Diablo and Dungeon Master. As you explore the puzzling dungeons, you’ll engage in combat with monsters through a first-person view. The most intriguing extra feature is that players can design their own dungeons online, and share them with others.

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Price: $.99 US

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Gemini Rue


We covered Gemini Rue in last week’s Under The Radar, but today we’re giving it a spot on the Big Games list. This noirish adventure game takes place on another planet, where you play as an investigator trying to find his missing brother. Like in some old-school adventure games, you can use your boot or gun to solve certain puzzles when walking, talking, and taking items just doesn’t cut it. If you love ominous adventure games like Beneath a Steel Sky, Gemini Rue is a must-play.

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Price: $3.99

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