Big Game Night: Die Hard, Real Racing 3 (New Zealand and Australia Only), and More

Wednesday night is the usual night for big game releases, but the pickings are a little slim this week. Maybe App Store developers are too busy making romantic plans for Valentine’s Day instead? EA Mobile showed some love to the New Zealand and Australian App Stores by launching Real Racing 3 a few weeks early, but everyone else has to wait until February 28. Click ahead for your advance links and info!

Die Hard


As a tie-in to the new Die Hard movie now in theaters, Fox Entertainment is releasing an auto-running high score game with an arcade shooter twist. You play as Jack, the son of Bruce Willis’s character from the Die Hard series, in a series of running shootouts through the streets of Moscow. Die Hard games tend to be pretty hit or miss, so we’ll have to play this one for ourselves before we can recommend the dollar download.

Price: $.99 US

Kiwi link

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Redneck Revenge: A Zombie Roadtrip


Bulkypix’s new game is a shooter starring Redneck, a good ol’ boy who is plenty prepared to use his firearms to fend off hungry zombies. Much like the Bulkypix game Soldier vs. Aliens, you control your shooter on the left side by sliding up and down, and then tap to fire at the monsters approaching from the right. The graphics are cartoony yet violent, and the action seems to be a bit faster-paced than Soldier vs. Aliens, so we think this might be a decent download, if you’re not yet sick of the genre.

Price: $.99

Kiwi link

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Relic Rush


Forest Moon Games, which makes pint-sized $1 games, is releasing a new one tonight called Relic Rush. It’s a simple, one-button platformer where you have to press in the screen to hold your explorer back, preventing him from running into lizard tongues or jumping frogs. The automatic movement and jumping controls, combined with the press to hold mechanic, make this a little different from most auto-running games. There are only four stages, though, and even if they’re difficult to master, there’s just not a lot of variety or depth in Relic Rush.

Price: $.99

Kiwi link

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Real Racing 3 (Australia and New Zealand only)


The biggest new game tonight is only available in Australia and New Zealand, since EA Mobile is targeting those territories for a “soft launch” of Real Racing 3. But if you have an international App Store account (and it’s very easy to make one, just search the web for instructions) you can download this expansive racing sim for absolutely free. Real Racing 3 uses your friends’ race times to fill out the other racers on the track, and you only have to pay premium in-game currency to speed up the repairs of your vehicles. Plus, Real Racing 3 is worth owning, just so you can show off the graphical capability of your new iOS device. We’ll have a full review when this game launches in the US on February 28, but until then, go for a few practice laps if you have a New Zealand account.

Price: Free

Kiwi link

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