Big Game Night: Crazy Taxi, Topia World Builder, and More

    Tonight we’ll see the launch of a highly-regarded Dreamcast driving game, Crazy Taxi, in the US App Store. But besides Sega, a number of other big developers are launching new games tonight, like Crescent Moon, Gamevil, Zynga, Adult Swim, and Triniti Games. Read on for your first looks and New Zealand App Store links, which will take you to the live game in the US after 8pm PST tonight.

    Crazy Taxi

    Crazy Taxi is a classic, high-speed arcade game where you have to pick up and deliver passengers around town as quickly as possible. You’ll get a tip for narrowly avoiding other cars, so you’re actually encouraged to drive recklessly. In addition to two main modes, the iOS version also includes Crazy Box, a collection of 16 minigames that range from obstacle courses to bowling with your car.

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    Kiwi Link

    Price: $4.99 US

    Topia World Builder

    We had a chance to go hands-on with this new simulation from Crescent Moon earlier this year at GDC. In Topia, you get to shape the terrain of a world, Populous-style, with simple touch controls. Then you can unleash animals to fill your world. You’ll also have to guide herds together, or defend them from predators, using mana that you earn from maintaining a happy animal population.

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    Kiwi Link

    Price: $.99 US

    Girls Like Robots

    The latest game from Adult Swim and developer Pop Cannibal is a logic board game where you have to place square-shaped people on a grid. Girls like robots, so you can place them next to eachother, but girls don’t like nerds, so you’ll have to find somewhere else to seat them. You’ll try to maximize your happiness for each seating arrangement, and the combination of cute characters and challenging puzzles looks like fun.

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    Kiwi Link

    Price: $.99

    Super Bunny Breakout

    Super Bunny Breakout is a game made by both Zynga and Atari– two of the biggest names in gaming. Like in other versions of Breakout, you have to ping-pong a ball from a platform below into blocks and bricks above. But in this game, your ball is a curled-up test lab bunny, giving Super Bunny Breakout a cute edge and unique story. Super Bunny Breakout should launch on the App Store tomorrow, instead of later tonight.

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    Kiwi Link

    Price: $.99

    Mini Jailbreaker

    For the third week in a row, Triniti is launching a new game on a Wednesday night. Mini Jailbreaker is an endless auto-running game where you play as an escaped prisoner running away from jail. You’ll have to avoid searchlights and policemen, while collecting bags of cash. If you enjoy Temple Run-style games, or are a fan of Triniti’s previous shooters, this might be one to try.

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    Kiwi Link

    Price: $.99 US

    Zombie Gunner

    Zombie Gunner from Gamevil is a free download, and an action-filled zombie shooter. You can control your movements to the left or right, and fire away in any direction. As you survive each wave, you’ll earn more money to upgrade to bigger and better guns. The main appeal seems to be the cartoonish graphics and freemium download, so we’re not expecting much beyond a Zombieville-style shooter.

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    Kiwi Link

    Price: Free

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