Big Game Night: Chaos Rings 2, MotoHeroz, and More

Last week, we were so busy with GDC that we didn’t mark the arrivals of new games like Zuma’s Revenge!, Coco Loco, Cavorite 2, and Kids Vs Goblins. But this week is just as big, with new games from Square Enix, Redlynx, Bulkypix, and G5! Read on for your advance links to our big picks for tonight, which will take you to the US App Store after 8pm Pacific.

Chaos Rings II

This sequel to Square’s critically and commercially successful iOS RPG has finally arrived! In Chaos Rings 2, you play as a “chosen warrior” named Darwin who has to eliminate five sacrifices, including a girl he knows from childhood. Regular updates are planned for the next two months, including a higher dungeon and level cap, so this RPG might be worth the high price.

Price: $17.99 US

Kiwi link

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We had a chance to go hands-on with MotoHeroz at GDC, and came away mighty impressed. It’s an arcade-like racing game, with loopy physics that rarely make you feel like you’re in full control of your vehicle. As you blast through loops and jumps, you’ll unlock more environments and new types of gameplay, like one level where you have to use jetpacks to soar vertically.

Price: $.99 US

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Kung Fu Rabbit

A new action-platformer from Bulkypix, Kung Fu Rabbit reminded us a bit of challenging platformers like Super Meat Boy. You can wall-jump and soar with the best of them, all while collecting carrots to use in the game’s in-app store. The animation is charming, and the controls seem spot-on, so this cute bunny looks like he has a lot of promise.

Price: $.99 US

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The Island – Castaway

In this spiritual successor to Jack of All Tribes, you play as a hero named Tom who has to help a group of ocean liner survivors make their escape. You’ll complete quests like fishing, cooking, and making potions, and eventually you’ll have to help the natives uncover a mystery on the island. G5 games often have a high level of polish, and we’ve enjoyed their previous island games, so this one’s on our watch list.

Price: Free

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