Big Game Night: Captain America, Pocket RPG, and More

    Here’s the deal: All the big game developers aim to launch their games on Thursday, because that’s the day Apple updates their New and Noteworthy and other App Store lists. But games that are set to launch on Thursday actually populate the App Store the night before, on Wednesday, and by taking a look at the New Zealand App Store now, we can see what’ll go live tonight at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern in the US App Store. Here are your top picks for tonight, with buy links, and some recommended reading.

    Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

    A few weeks ago, it was Cars 2, and before that, Thor. So far, Disney has put out an iOS game along with every one of their big summer blockbusters. But we’ve got to ask: Are they trying to make fun games, or just boost the weekend’s box office take? Captain America isn’t a very original game– it’s almost an exact clone of Mirror’s Edge, but with comic book Nazis to kick and punch instead of dystopian government agents.

    Price: $4.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    We saw this goofy, colorful platformer at E3 this year. Since it’s a Chillingo title, you can expect certain standards like plenty of levels and an easy-to-grasp control scheme. However, what stood out to us about Blobster at E3 was the extremely shaky camera which follows your bouncing red blob. Check out our hands-on video, and see if it doesn’t make you feel a little queasy, too.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    Reckless Getaway

    The developers of Reckless Racing, a redneck-themed arcade racing game, have a new game out tonight. This new racing game has you evading the cops after a bank robbery. You’ll have to dodge and ram cars on your way to freedom over 16 levels, with more promised in later updates.

    Price: $2.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    Mystery Trackers: The Void HD

    The newest iPad game from Big Fish Games, the makers of the Hidden Expedition series and Drawn: The Painted Tower, Mystery Trackers is another hidden object game with a detailed and unique story. This time, you’ll explore a haunted mansion owned by the creepy Dr. Void. If you love hunting for hidden objects, you’ll have to check this one out.

    Price: $6.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    Pocket RPG

    Pocket RPG is the latest game from Crescent Moon, the groundbreaking developers behind Ravensword and Aralon. Their latest is a top-down, hack-and-slash RPG that brings to mind arcade classics like Gauntlet. This one’s iPad only, but an iPhone version should be out in the next few weeks. Note: The developer is working to fix a few bugs before launch, so this game might be slightly delayed.

    Price: $2.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    This new Gameloft game has a lot in common with the Max Payne series: You play as a tough-as-nails cop who isn’t afraid to go into a slow-motion dive and fire two pistols straight at the bad guys. We really liked what we saw of this game at E3, so be sure to pick this up if you love third-person shooters, or other action games from Gameloft.

    Price: $6.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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