Big Game Night: Bloodmasque, Iron Force, and More

It’s Wednesday or, as we like to call it, Big Game Night, the night when most of the week’s big iOS games hit the App Store. At 11 p.m. EST, you’ll be able to star in your own vampire RPG, climb into the driver’s seat of a tank, and more. Read on for our list of the biggest games launching tonight.


This unique RPG from Square Enix takes place in 19th century Paris. It’s centered around vampires, but the tone is more Anne Rice and less True Blood. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that the first thing you do when starting the game is to take a photo of yourself. Your likeness is then plastered on your character. Read our hands-on preview for details.

Price: $6.99
App Store Link

Iron Force

Iron Force is an online multiplayer game about tanks. Tanks fighitng each other. These slow-moving hunks of metal may not be agile, but they’re powerful and heavily armored. Anyway, Iron Force is free-to-play, and it actually comes out a little earlier today than the rest of the titles. It’s also from Chillingo, so it’s probably worth a look.

Price: Free
App Store Link

Riptide GP 2

The original Riptide GP was a fun, if way too short, wave racer game. The sequel looks to improve on everything from the original. It has nine “hydro jets” to collect, 25 stunts to master, a career mode, and an online multiplayer mode. If nothing else, the graphics look pretty great.

Price: $2.99
App Store Link

Sky Tourist

To truly get a sense of what Sky Tourist is about, it helps to watch the trailer above. You play as Petey, an astronaut who travels to distant worlds to photograph the aliens and collect cubelets. But instead of landing anywhere, he strings himself between two rockets, which you have to control to slide him left and right. It’s goofy, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link

Delta-V Racing

In this side-scrolling racer, you control a ship that has to navigate treacherous passages while battling against other racers. The game comes with seven different event types, eight power-ups, iCloud saves, and ghost races against your friends.

Price: $1.99
App Store Link

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