Big Game Night: Blood Bowl, Angels in the Sky, and More

It’s Big Game Night on the App Store, which means lots of developers are putting their best new games out at 11 p.m. Eastern time. We’ve looked through the new releases and picked the best of the best below — and this week looks particularly strong. So click ahead for a peek at what’s coming, and plan your purchases now.

Angels in the Sky

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, this game puts you in the cockpit of a futuristic fighting plane and has you blast your way though hordes of aerial enemies and enormous bosses. Looks like a lot of fun.

Price: $6.99
App Store Link

80 Days

Billed as an “interactive adventure,” this game has you try to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. You pick which cities you’ll stop in and finagle your way onto various modes of transportation. The trick is not to run out of time or money. If it sounds like fun, prepare to read. Apparently this game has a 500,000 word script, which is about 400,000 more words than your average novel. Oh, and it’s made by the folks who made the delightful Sorcery series.

Price: $4.99
App Store Link

Blood Bowl


Based on a board game from Games Workshop, Blood Bowl for iPad pits teams of fantasy characters like Orcs, Dwarfs, and Skaven against each other on the football field. The game even features cross-platform multiplayer, so you can play against people on PCs.

(Not in NZ App Store Yet)

Frontier Heroes

This game is from the History channel, so you just might learn a thing or two as you plow through the 20+ mini-games compiled here. In the games you get a taste of five different periods in American history, like Native Americans practicing archery, pioneers fighting bears, and a dip into the Industrial Revolution. It might be silly, but it might also be fun and at least semi-educational.

Price: $2.99
App Store Link

Ice Wings Plus

This jet fighter game is a modern update of Ice Wings: Skies of Steel (available here free), with better graphics and other (unmentioned) updates and features. It looks like a pretty cool air combat game, so check out the free version and see if you want to pay to check this one out.

Price: $1.99
App Store Link

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