Big Game Night: Bladeslinger, Heroes of Order & Chaos, and Much More

Although Angry Birds Star Wars may be the most downloaded and talked about iOS game this Thanksgiving, several other big-name games are attempting to upstage the Force-wielding flock. In a holiday twist, all of these games are available worldwide, right now. Click ahead for our previews and your download links.

Bladeslinger Ep. 1

This gorgeous, Unity-powered action game combines elements of Devil May Cry and Red Dead Redemption. You play as a grizzled cowboy with a cybernetic arm who returns to his hometown to find it overrun with monsters. With taps and slashes, you can shoot or slice foes with your gunblade, and level up your character by collecting shards of soul gems. Even if this first episode never reaches a major conclusion, it’s a fantastic entry into an intense new world.

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Price: $2.99 USD

Download from iTunes

Skylanders Battlegrounds

The third iOS game featuring Activision’s successful line of toy monsters, Skylanders Battlegrounds is an action-RPG that also uses an optional Bluetooth Portal. With this portal, you can scan your figurines directly into the game, instead of punching in a digital code. This allows you to perform neat tricks, like immediately swapping out figures in the middle of combat. In brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll also be able to buy a starter pack with the portal, game, and bonus loot.

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Price: $6.99 USD

Download from iTunes

Heroes of Order & Chaos

This MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) is a free download, and it’s a big one. You control a hero character from the world of Order & Chaos, Gameloft’s epic MMORPG, as you attempt to lead an army to the other side of the map. The matches are all online, with co-op companions who can help you fight against AI or human forces. Every match, your character has to level up from scratch, defeating smaller minions to gain new abilities and push back the invasion.

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Price: Free

Download from iTunes

Motley Blocks

Square Enix’s latest iOS game isn’t an RPG, but rather a strange action-puzzler that feels a bit like 3D connect-the-dots. You have to draw a line through like-colored blocks, which will help you reveal a 3D image. Between rounds, you’ll earn extra blocks that you can use to buy upgrades. Motley Blocks comes in both a free and paid version, so you’ll be able to demo it before buying.

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Price: $1.99 USD

Download from iTunes

Rage of the Gladiator

This port of a WiiWare game puts you into an arena against a variety of mythical enemies. We never played it on Nintendo Wii, but the game has garnered great reviews, and the touchscreen seems like a good medium for translating your warhammer’s smashes. Plus, it’s only a dollar at launch, which sounds like a great deal for a console port.

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Price: $.99

Download from iTunes

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