Big Game Night: Battle Fleet 2, Zombie Commando, and More


      As always, Wednesday is Big Game Night on the App Store. That means this week’s biggest games are set to hit the App Store at 11 p.m. Eastern time, including titles from a number of popular genres. Take a look below and plan your downloads now.

      Battle Fleet 2: WW2 in the Pacific

      In this strategy game for iPad, you have granular command over a fleet of WW2-era warships. That means you select your ships, outfit them with the weaponry you see fit, and tell them exactly where to go and how to shoot their ballistics. Sounds like fun for detail-oriented types.

      Price: $4.99
      App Store Link

      Castle Doombad: Free to Slay

      We were huge fans of Castle Doombad, giving it a 4/4 in our review. So we’re pleased to see that the game is now going free to play, or “slay” as the case may be. Read our review, and then don’t hesitate to download this game. We just hope they keep it worth playing now that they’ve changed the pricing model.

      Price: Free
      App Store Link

      daWindci Deluxe

      Despite having one of the worst titles imaginable, daWindci Deluxe looks like it might be worthy of attention. Basically, you paint wind, hurricanes, and ligtning on the screen to navigate a hot air balloon between obstacles.

      Price: $2.99
      App Store Link

      Red Ball 4

      This illustrious line of iOS platformers dates back to the humble beginnings of the App Store. We’re fans of the series, so we have high expectations for this newest installment.

      Price: $0.99
      App Store Link

      Zombie Commando

      Everyone loves retro pixely graphics and zombies, which means this game will have wide appeal. Zombie Commando has you assemble a team of eight fighters and have them blast through zombie hordes all around the world. What more do you want from an apocalyptic game?

      Price: $1.99
      App Store Link