Big Game Night: Bastion, Activision Anthology, and More

    It’s Wednesday night, when all the biggest new games on the App Store come out to play. With the aid of our secret kiwi spies, we’re able to infiltrate the New Zealand App Store and give you a glimpse at what’s coming out tonight on the US App Store at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific. Read on for your first looks at tonight’s biggest draws.


    The biggest announcement tonight is that the Xbox Live Arcade action-RPG Bastion is hitting the iPad. Bastion is an award-winning game with gorgeous, hand-painted background graphics and a rewarding combat system. As you explore the game, the landscape will rush up around you, building this fantasy world piece by piece. Our sole disappointment is that Bastion is available for the iPad 2 or 3 only.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $4.99 USD

    Activision Anthology

    In the tradition of Commodore 64, Atari’s Greatest Hits, Namco Arcade, and Capcom Arcade, Activision is releasing their own free-to-download classic games collection tonight. When you download Activision Anthology, you’ll get the game Kaboom! for free. 45 games are available in total, including the classic Pitfall! and its sequel. Many of these games have horrible graphics and sound, considering they’re all from the early 1980s, but built-in Game Center support means that your high score will be available for the world to see.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: Free

    Granny Smith

    Sprinkle was one of last year’s best physics-based puzzle games, winning an International Mobile Gaming Award for Best Casual Game. The developer, Mediocre (who are anything but), have been hard at work on a new game featuring a grandma who is trying to out-skate an apple thief. In Granny Smith, grandma rolls downhill on skates, performing awe-inspiring stunts, crashing through windows, and bludgeoning criminals with her cane. Go, granny, go!

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $0.99 USD

    The Golden Years: Way Out West

    The Golden Years is a town-building sim from Alawar, the makers of several fun casual games like Farm Frenzy 3 and Shake Spears. It’s set in the Old West, where you can help the locals defend their family from a greedy scoundrel. The gameplay is similar to Build-A-Lot, so if you like that real estate management series, you’ll probably like The Golden Years as well.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $0.99 USD

    Time Geeks & Friends

    The Time Geeks series combines hidden object challenges with gorgeous pixel art. This sequel brings a social slant with competitive rounds– you can challenge friends or random opponents to see who can find items first. Time Geeks: Find All! was one of our favorite hidden object games, so we’re definitely excited for this multiplayer version.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: $2.99 USD

    Crazy Bikers 2

    Crazy Bikers 2 is another entry in the casual, tilt-based arcade racing genre. Like Mad Skills BMX, you’ll have to keep your wheels on the ground in order to beat the other racers to the finish line. However, Crazy Bikers 2 is free to download, and features wacky characters like a gorilla on a bike made of vines, or a princess on a pony.

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    Kiwi link

    Price: Free

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