Big Game Night: Assassin’s Creed Pirates and More

It’s Big Game Night on the App Store, which means lots of developers are putting their best new games out at 11 p.m. Eastern time. We’ve scanned through the new releases and picked the most promising titles below. So click ahead for a peek at what’s coming, and plan your purchases now.

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates


The biggest game hitting tonight is Assassin’s Creed Pirates. You spend your time building up your crew and outfitting your ship, then engaging in cannon-fueled naval battles, all in the name of treasure and riches. Read our hands-on preview for all the juicy details.

Price: $4.99
App Store Link

Clash of Puppets

This action platformer is a 3D slice-‘em up that takes place across three worlds and uses all manner of weaponry. The settings and enemies are inspired by B-movies, so you’ll go up against aliens, goblins, and undead creatures.

Price: $2.99
App Store Link


From the makers of Minigore comes a strange title about slaying evil kings and their minions. The game is billed as a “next generation slicing game,” which basically means it uses Fruit Ninja-like gameplay to very different effect.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link

Pretentious Game


This blocky puzzle platformer has Atari-level graphics, but it also has self-important dialogue displayed on the screen, just like the game Braid. Regardless of whether you’re on board with the satire, the platforming and puzzle solving will make or break the game.

Price: Free + in-app purchase
App Store Link

The Wolf Among Us


From the makers of the Walking Dead adventure game comes another adventure game based on a comic book. This time around it’s Fables, a comic where fairy tale characters live in New York City. The first episode of the game comes with purchase, with future episodes becoming available a la cart, or at a discount by subscription.

Price: $4.99
Not on NZ App Store yet

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