Big Game Night: Asphalt 7, The Act, and More

It’s another outstanding week for big-name iOS game releases: Gameloft is launching the seventh installment of their arcade racing series, Asphalt 7, and Chillingo is finally releasing their animated adventure The Act. Plus, we’ve got new games from Craneballs, Bulkypix, Adult Swim, and Gamevil. Read on for your advance look at the biggest games that will launch on the US App Store tonight at 8pm Pacific.

Asphalt 7: Heat

We had a chance to try out both the single player and multiplayer modes of this game at E3, and came away feeling mighty impressed. Asphalt 7 doesn’t revolutionize the series the way Gameloft’s Fast Five did, but it’s still a great example of solid, addictive arcade racing on the App Store. Plus, it’s launching at an absurdly low price of $1, and it’s well worth it at that price.

Price: $.99 US

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The Act

Originally envisioned as a laserdisc-style animated game, The Act from Chillingo and React Entertainment goes far beyond the quick-time events of games like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. Instead of making a quick tap at the exact right time, you can swipe gradually between two extreme decisions– like ignoring a beautiful woman at the bar, or lunging at her for a kiss. This game is all about subtlety, reading body language, and pacing yourself, which make it one-of-a-kind as far as we know.

Price: $2.99 US

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Fish Heroes

3D Angry Birds games are the new Angry Birds– just look at Catapult King, and tonight’s launch of Fish Heroes. In this underwater physics game, you have to knock over smug sharks using a variety of fishy projectiles. Our favorite fish to use is the pufferfish, because he inflates to produce shockwaves of destruction. The Boom Blox visual style is charming, but how does the gameplay stack up next to Catapult King?

Price: $.99 US

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This point-and-click adventure is a bit on the freaky side. You’ve got a hero with amnesia, a murderer roaming the subway, and a maniacal cult leader who surrounds himself with mannequins. Plus, of course, the classic puzzle-solving and inventory combining gameplay that makes adventure games so fun. Yesterday, like the Broken Sword series, is an adventure game for players with grown-up tastes.

Price: $4.99 US

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Adult Swim and PikPok (who recently collaborated on Chuck Darwin’s Extinction Squad and our personal favorite, Monsters Ate My Condo) have a new iOS game out tonight called Velocirapture. In this game, you play as God, smiting faithless dinos with a flick and rapturing pious dinos up to heaven. If blasphemy and biology are two favorites of yours, maybe give Velocirapture a try.

Price: $.99 US

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Soccer Superstars 2012

Gamevil’s newest edition of the big-headed Superstars series arrives tonight as well. Like in previous versions, you can manage your team and train hotshot superstars with special soccer moves. This year adds more customization, new graphics, and the ability to skip the soccer matches entirely to focus on team management. And unlike David Beckham’s outrageous salary, you can play with Soccer Superstars 2012 for free.

Price: Free

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