Big Game Night: Angry Birds Star Wars, Wraithborne, and More

With the holiday gaming season rapidly approaching, some big-name games are coming to the App Store. Soon we’ll see the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars, where you can fling birds at spaceships and other structures using the power of the Force. But there are a few other notable new games that will be available tonight at 8pm PST on the US App Store, so click ahead for our picks.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio doesn’t launch their games in New Zealand early like other developers– we expect them to flick the switch sometime early on Thursday morning. But while we wait for this Star Wars-themed installment of the best-selling physics puzzler series, you can check out the gameplay trailer for a peek at the new hybrid characters and abilities. And now that Star Wars is owned by Disney, do you think we’ll see even more crossovers in the future?

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Price: N/A


We discussed Wraithborne and other new games from Crescent Moon and Forest Moon on this week’s podcast, and previewed it as well. Our take is that this top-down action game may look like Diablo, but it plays a bit more like a relentless hack-and-slash brawler. With the Unreal engine, lots of little details shine through, but without a deeper RPG backbone, there’s not much to do except splatter goblin blood on the beautifully-rendered ground.

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Price: $2.99 US

Plunder! HD

We’ve been following the development of Plunder! for quite some time, since it launched a few years ago, was pulled, and is now returning to iOS. In it, you have to tap cannons to clear a pathway for your pirate ships as they sail across the screen. The full game can be unlocked for $1.99 after a free initial download, but that launch price won’t last for long.

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Price: Free

My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic

We know there are plenty of female Pony fans out there– and more than a few Bronies, as well. Gameloft knows it too, so don’t be ashamed to download their new free-to-play, city-building sim based on the popular cartoon and toy franchise. Many of the ponies from the TV show are represented in the game, with simple minigames that let you collect extra in-game currency. Download this and keep it in the same iOS folder with your other cartoon-based virtual towns, like The Simpsons, Smurfs, Snoopy, and Ice Age.

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Price: Free

Totem Tribe Gold HD

G5’s new sim game combines city-building with hidden object adventures, a casual cocktail that we find to be pretty appealing. You play as the chief of a tribe who has to build new huts and train warriors to unite a chain of islands. Like Plunder!, this game is a free download at first, but the full version costs $4.99 US.

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Price: Free

Word Smack Free

Word Smack is a bit like the logic game Mastermind, but with a word game twist. Instead of five different colors, you have to guess a five-letter word. You’ll get clues when you’ve picked the right letters, but put them in the wrong position, and your goal is to solve the words faster than your opponent. Since this EA Mobile game is free and you can play it asynchronously with Facebook friends, we’re expecting Word Smack to garner a wide audience.

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Price: Free

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