Big Game Night: After Burner Climax, Metal Slug 2, and More


    If you’re the type of gamer who only buys the biggest or best new apps, you should check out tonight’s launches on the App Store. New games from Sega, DotEmu, FDG, Gamevil, and Bulkypix will all appear at 8pm PST in the US App Store tonight, but you can follow our Kiwi links to see them on the New Zealand store now. Read on for your first look!

    After Burner Climax


    Sega’s flight combat series makes its way to iOS tonight, after launching in arcades in 2006 and on downloadable console platforms in 2010. The original game got fairly high marks for its sharp graphics and fast-paced gameplay, and its arcade roots might make this a good fit for the mobile platform. Since we missed this one on XBLA and PSN, we’re looking forward to trying it for ourselves.

    Price: $2.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    Metal Slug 2


    Another arcade port, Metal Slug 2 fills the gap between last year’s iOS versions of Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 1. The third Metal Slug game has a crazy variety of guns, vehicles, and power-ups, and the first game lacks most of those features, so this second game is where you can really see the evolution in action. Camel tanks and character transformations (obesity and mummies) are just a few of the features you’ll find in this second game, and we’re expecting iCade support and Bluetooth co-op as well.

    Price: $3.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    The Godfather Slots


    In the classic crime film The Godfather, the Corleone family has their hands in just about every type of illegal activity, including gambling. So it’s appropriate that Paramount Pictures and Elephant Mouse (publishers of Archetype) are releasing a free-to-download slot machine app featuring the characters from the movie. There’s not a whole lot to The Godfather Slots– just hit a button and watch the wheels spin, earning more coins with each line of matching symbols. There are five machines to start, with more promised in a future update.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi Link

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    Battle Line


    Battle Line from Gamevil takes a pretty familiar concept that we’ve seen before in games like Battleheart and Total War Battles. You have to drag your heroes on to their opponents, keeping an eye on their health so that they don’t become overwhelmed. Your heroes will only attack monsters that are on their line, so you’ll have to swipe up and down to move them into different rows. Since it’s a free download, you can expect either a lot of grinding, or an opportunity to spend money via in-app purchase.

    Price: Free

    Kiwi Link

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    Roar Rampage


    This colorful beat ‘em up from FDG, the makers of Cover Orange, Across Age, and Banana Kong, lets you play as a giant lizard destroying a city. Using boxing gloves, wrecking balls, and street lamps, you have to crush anything in your path. Roar Rampage seems to have a robust character customization option, so you can put your Godzilla in ridiculous outfits, like a sombrero or top hot.

    Price: $.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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    Bulkypix’s new game tonight is a competitive version of pinball, where you face off against an opponent (either human or AI) to knock the pinballs past their paddles. You get five lives, so if five pinballs slip through, you lose. There are a lot of different tables to play through, and the neon graphics certainly pop, but we found the action to be a bit simplistic.

    Price: $1.99 US

    Kiwi Link

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