Big Game Night: Across Age 2, Shadow Blade, and More

    It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing: It’s Big Game Night on the App Store! Lots of developers are putting out their best new games at 11 p.m. Eastern time. We’ve looked through the new releases and picked the best of the best below. So click ahead for a peek at what’s coming, and plan your purchases now.

    Across Age 2

    The first Across Age was an enjoyable action RPG in the vein of Zelda or Secret of Mana. The sequel looks to continue the tradition, with sharper graphics, a time travel story line, 15 hours of gameplay, and a ridiculous/awesome soundtrack.

    Price: $3.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad
    App Store Link

    Arc War

    This top-down shooter shows some promise. It’s an endless shooter, with a bunch of enemy types and power-ups, plus bosses. Doesn’t sound like it’s trying to reinvent the wheel, but it caught our eye.

    Price: $0.99
    App Store Link


    That’s no typo in the title: this is a game about Brad, a barbarian who put strings on his ax and became a bard. When his village is attacked, he plays music that inspires his fellow townsfolk to defend their home. Instead of shredding enemies, you dodge attacks and shred solos. Ridiculous? Sure. But it looks like fun all the same.

    Price: $0.99
    App Store Link

    Shadow Blade

    Shadow Blade is a side-scrolling action platformer about a ninja who must sneak or fight his way through levels teeming with enemies and platforming obstacles. Sounds like some a retro-style romp. We’ll have to wait until tonight to see if it’s as fun as the trailer makes it look.

    Price: $1.99
    App Store Link

    Small Fry

    From the makers of the Super Stickman Golf games comes an adorable-looking one-tap game along the lines of Tiny Wings or Jetpack Joyride. It’s about fish, and it’s fast-paced. Watch the trailer, and then just plan to download it. It’s free, and it’s from a talent studio. What more do you need?

    Price: Free
    App Store Link

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