Beta Version of Kick-Ass Released, Then Pulled

It looks like there was a mix-up last week at Wha Entertainment and Frozen Codebase, the developers of the iPhone version of the movie tie-in game Kick-Ass. A beta version of the two-stick shooter made a brief appearance on the App Store Saturday before being removed, but judging from the complaints gamers made in the comments section of our preview, it wasn’t pulled quickly enough.

We got in touch with Howard Horowitz, who’s in charge of PR for the game, to find out what happened. “An old beta version got out by mistake,” he told us via e-mail. Apparently, they hadn’t deleted the older version of the game and accidentally submitted it to Apple instead of the updated, more polished one.

The finished version, which “has a number of improvements over the beta version” has been submitted to Apple and is currently in queue. Horowitz expects it to go live any day now.

As for how the people who purchased the game during its brief appearance will get hold of the final copy, Horowitz said, “We’re looking into the process with Apple now. Ideally, we would like to get a patch to the previous customers who have downloaded the game.”

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments, and will have a review shortly after the final game is released.

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