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BBQ Pro - iGrill is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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BBQ Pro Hands-On

Sausages… burgers… corn… chicken wings… though it’s the dead of winter, just thinking about grilling in the back yard is making our mouths water! Thanks a lot, Kathy Fung. Your sizzling hot new time management game, BBQ Pro, has clearly gotten under our skin.

The game screen in BBQ Pro is dominated by the main tool of the BBQ trade–a flaming grill–an “in” plate, and an “out” plate. You tap the in plate to get a food item, throw it on the grill, flip it a couple times, and then drop it on the out plate when it’s ready to feed a hungry guest.

The real skill here is figuring out when a food item’s good to go. As you watch a piece of meat cook, it’ll gradually turn from pink to brown; it may also start steaming or even flaming, if you’ve dropped the ball. You have to time your spatula work right to earn maximum points and elicit groans of pleasure from the crowd.

On each new level you’re given a new food item to juggle, like corn, onions, and steaks; each has a different cooking profile, so it takes careful attention to keep stuff in the happy zone between undercooked and carbonized. There’s also a “Grill To Order” mode that challenges you to cook your food just so–perhaps a little raw, or slightly burnt. The game seems to use digitized pictures of raw, cooked, and burnt food, which adds a nice touch of realism to the proceedings.

BBQ Pro is currently available for 99 cents in the App Store, but will soon rise to $2.99.

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