Battle Bears to Become an Animated TV Series

Where’s My Water? is in line for an animated web series. So is Angry Birds. Next up: Battle Bears. According to a press release distributed by the bear masters at SkyVu’s studios, the armed-and-cuddly Bears are getting their own animated series. Here’s the kicker: whereas the animated versions of Angry Birds and Where’s My Water are web series, the Battle Bears cartoon is made for TV. In fact, Battle Bears is the first mobile game to make the jump onto television.

The new animated series is just one move SkyVu is making to help shine mainstream attention on the Battle Bears. A marketing blitz is also in the cards, so given time you can expect to see Battle Bears stuff on store shelves. Maybe the merchandise will be placed next to all the Angry Birds shirts and underwear at Sears. Then the bears and the birds could have epic stare-downs to determine which species is angrier.

The Battle Bears animated series is being handled by W!LDBRAIN Entertainment and consists of a full season of half-hour episodes. ‘BATTLE BEARS has enjoyed worldwide success as a mobile game,’ says Michael Polis, the President of W!LDBRAIN Entertainment. ‘Between its built in fan base and the expandable universe that lends itself to consumer products and character-driven extensions such as series, BATTLE BEARS has the potential to become the next big boys action comedy brand.’

Ben Vu, the creator of Battle Bears, concurs. ‘When I wrote the first BATTLE BEARS screenplay, I knew I wanted to entertain the world with appealing characters and compelling stories that would be enjoyed for generations to come,’ he says. ‘With W!LDBRAIN producing the TV series and merchandise line, we’ll be able to bring an immersive brand experience to our loyal fans on mobile and attract new fans on a global scale with fully localized episodes, games, and merchandise.’

Currently, there’s no official date set for the Battle Bears’ pilot. Just sit tight, arm yourself, and get ready to see a lot of flying fluff.

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