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Banzai Rabbit HD iPad Review

Following the iPad’s original reveal, Revolutionary Concepts was one of the very first studios to give us a glimpse of what an “HD” game looked like with a screenshot of Frogman, which has evolved into Banzai Rabbit. Now, after months of waiting, they have finally released the iPad version. Unfortunately, it suffers from frame rate drops due to the graphical boost.

Banzai Rabbit HD is, in essence, the same game as before, except that it runs in native resolution on the iPad. You can still choose between story and quick play modes, and these are accompanied by Agon leaderboards. The level structure is the same, which isn’t a problem since this is one of the best aspects of the iPhone version.

The extreme sport of sub hopping.

Where Banzai Rabbit HD shines are its graphics, which pop off the iPad’s screen. It truly feels like you are pulled into the world of a comic book. Everything from the 3D models to textures have been given the HD treatment. In fact, even the comic at the start of the game is shown in higher resolution.

This increased resolution also seems to be the reason why Banzai Rabbit HD suffers from frame rate dips that make the game feel choppy and break up its flow. In fact, it feels as if the entire game runs slightly slower. This isn’t helped by Banzai Rabbit’s hopping animation, which feels like it’s missing half of its frames.

All of this can be fixed in an update, but at the moment the iPhone version remains preferable to the one on the iPad, especially considering the higher price.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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