Banana Kong

Banana Kong is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Banana Kong Review

Banana Kong is an endless runner that stars a gorilla whose mountain-high banana stash has unleashed a banana avalanche. Like nearly all endless runners before it, you meet an untimely demise if you’re overrun by the banana pile, or if you bash into something stationary. And although the game’s title reminded us of the delightful Raffi tune “Bananaphone,” there’s no relation.

However, there is a relation between Banana Kong and the Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country. In both games you spend most of your time running through the jungle, swinging on vines, dropping into caverns, and riding on other animals. In Banana Kong, you can hop on the backs of toucans that let you fly through the air and boars capable of breaking through barriers.

The developers have also included the standard-issue requirements of the auto-running genre, like three achievements available at any given time, high score tracking, leaderboards, and power-ups you can purchase using bananas you either collect as you play or buy through in-app purchase. The power-ups cost more than they should, but they usually don’t make that big of a difference anyway.

In other words, Banana Kong does everything we expect an auto-runner to do in this day and age. We just wish it would do a little more, or introduce something we haven’t already seen in games like Jetpack Joyride, Canabalt, or Ski Safari.

So if you’ve played a few iOS auto-runners before, there’s not much reason to play Banana Kong unless you’re dying for more of the same. On the other hand, it’s a perfectly enjoyable and decent game that’ll get you through a wait at the doctor’s office, or a long line to get into the zoo (we hear the gorilla exhibit is amazing).

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