Backflip Studios Reveals Release Schedule

You’ll likely recognize Backflip Studios from their successful Ragdoll Blaster and Paper Toss franchises. Backflip recently decided to go the freemium route (with the option to remove ads for a price) and has announced five games set to launch within the next few months that utilize this model. Read on for information, screenshots, and tentative release dates for each, as well as some sales numbers and a new development within the company.

Strike Knight

We posted about the announcement of puck-bowler Strike Knight back in March. It’s designed to look like an authentic puck bowling lane, like one you might find in a bar or arcade. Strike Knight is set to launch Monday, May 17th.

Harbor Havoc 3D Free

Path-drawing game Harbor Havoc 3D, which we gave our highest rating in our review, is going to be re-released using the freemium model. Since there is already a lite version, we aren’t sure whether it will be just ad-supported or if there will be DLC to unlock all the levels. Look for this in late May.

Graffiti Ball

Graffiti Ball sports quite an interesting concept. The object is to lead a ball over bonuses and the goal by creating a pathway for it. Levels are broken up by different cities for you to vandalize. Backflip Studios plans to release the game at the beginning of June.

Paper Toss HD

As the title would make it sound, this is the original version of Paper Toss with ‘a few added features’ which are currently unknown. We don’t have any screens of the game at the time, but come mid-June you’ll be able to check it out for yourself.


If you enjoyed the wall-jumping mechanic of Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!, Ninjump is an equally ninja-filled game sporting a similar concept. You’ve somehow angered your fellow ninjas and must stay alive for as long as possible as they pursue you along the sides of two endlessly tall buildings. There are bonuses to help you along the way as well as different obstacles to avoid. Ninjump should be out at the end of June.

In addition to this news, Backflip Studios has sent out some statistics on how many downloads their games have seen. The original free version of Paper Toss alone has seen a whopping more than 20,000,000 downloads to date, without updates. In fact, all of their games in the first year of operation have been downloaded over 26,000,000 times, combined. When updates are factored into the equation, this number boosts to over 60,000,000.

Backflip Studios is also going the route of publishing. Along with around 20 original titles made in-house to be released in 2010, the company is set to publish ‘a number of very compelling games from other developers in the next couple of months’, according to Backflip’s CEO and founder Julian Farrior. We should have further details in a couple of weeks.

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