‘Back to Bed’ Trailer Released, Looks Great

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign, a great-looking 3D puzzle game called Back To Bed will land on iOS in late August. The developers have just released a new trailer that shows off the unique gameplay. It’s reminiscent of the excellent Monument Valley, but takes it in a new direction.

    Developer Bedtime Digital describes the game like this: “If Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher and David Lynch were to collaborate on a piece of interactive entertainment, it might look something like this…”



    Basically, the main character Bob is a narcoleptic, always drifting off and sleepwalking through a surreal dreamland. Your job is to direct him through the levels and manipulate the environment to create a safe path back to his bed.

    The game is made up of impossible worlds and littered with surreal images like strange creatures, floating eyeballs, pencil-drawn staircases, and giant apples — all kinds of things pulled from the works of the artists mentioned above. Watch the trailer and look for Back To Bed to release in late August.

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